The Polish Orthodox Church refused to recognize the restoration of Philaret and Macarius


The Council of bishops of the Polish Orthodox Church has banned its clergy to enter into Eucharistic communion with the Ukrainian schismatics, according to the Union of Orthodox journalists.

The Council of bishops of the Polish Orthodox Church was to recognize the decision Fanara on the restoration of Eucharistic communion with the “clergy” of the UOC-KP and the UAOC. This is stated in the statement of the Cathedral, published on 16 November on the official website of the Polish Church.

“The Holy Council of bishops forbids priests of the Polish Orthodox Church to join in the liturgical prayer and contact with the “clergy” so-called Kiev Patriarchate, and the so-called “Autocephalous Orthodox Church”, which in the past has done a lot of evil,” reads the statement of the Cathedral.

According to the participants of the sessions of the Council, persons deprived of their Episcopal and priestly ordinations are not able to be leaders in bringing peace to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, and their actions can result in even greater disorder.

“Only adherence to the dogmatic and canonical norms of the Church and the preservation of ancient traditions will protect the Orthodox Church from severe consequences on an international scale. The Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church offers prayers for the unity of the Holy Orthodox Church and peace in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church”, – the document says.

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