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On the occasion of the XV General Assembly of the Synod of bishops on the theme “Youth, faith and discernment of vocations”, which will be held in the Vatican in October, Pope Francis has appointed three delegated presidents: the Patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans cardinal Louis Raphael Sako, the Madagascar cardinal désiré Zaragozano and cardinal Charles Maung Bo, Archbishop of Yangon (Myanmar).

In the second Chapter of the Charter of the Synod of bishops from 2006 described the duties of the Chairman appointed by the Pope: among them, to preside at the Assembly of the Synod on behalf of and with the authority of the Pope. This appointment terminated with the conclusion of the meeting for which it was undertaken. If – as in this case, the Pope entrusts management of the collection more than one is delegated to the President, they shall perform their duties in the order of priority established by the Pope.

Delegated to the Chairman is responsible for leadership of the Synod; when necessary to improve the work of the Assembly, he assigns specific tasks to some members of the congregation, and finally signed the final documents of the meetings; if delegated Chairpersons of a few, they put their signatures together.

3 August will begin a large youth pilgrimage to the Eternal city from all regions of Italy. According to ancient tradition, in many dioceses on the historical routes of the pilgrims will be given a special “certificate” phases. Before the journey, the boys get an icon, a cross, a diary, a bracelet rosary, a booklet with fragments of the new Testament and texts of reflection, a small copy of the shroud of Turin, night flashlight, bag with travel accessories, camping canteen and a map of Rome. The final stage of the pilgrimage will be the Roman Hippodrome Circo Massimo, where on August 11 a youth will participate in the night prayer together with Pope Francis.

The meeting will begin at half past four in the evening with speeches and testimonies of the Italian rock band “The Sun”, founded in 1997. Since 2008, the musicians dedicate their works to the Christian message and support various solidarity actions. After the arrival of Pope Francis held a prayer vigil and a “White night” until 4 am. At that time a parish Church, between Circo Massimo and the Vatican Basilica, will open the door to personal and community prayer and the sacrament of Penance. Within their walls will hold prayer meetings many dioceses, Catholic movements and associations; the program of the certificate of participants, presentations, thematic meetings.

A key event of Italian youth pilgrimage will be Holy mass at the Vatican square on Sunday 12 August, 9 hours and 30 minutes, reports Blagovest-info.

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