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We’ve already told you about meatless Greek dishes of vegetables and legumes, now let’s talk about the dishes of fish and seafood, the use of which is for a Christmas post. Some of these recipes are more suited for the festive table.

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1. Baked cod with tomatoes

A simple dish to prepare which you will need four pieces of cod fillet, a half-liter can of canned tomatoes, one onion, teaspoon of sugar, two or three tablespoons of olive oil, one hundred grams of cheese feta, tablespoon parsley, salt and pepper to taste spices: turmeric, chili pepper – as desired.

Fry chopped onion in olive oil, add the tomatoes, sugar and simmer for ten minutes. This will be the sauce.

Fillets salt, pepper, season with spices, place on a baking sheet, cover with sauce, sprinkle with shredded cheese and bake for twenty minutes in the oven at 220 degrees.

Before serving, sprinkle finely chopped parsley.

2. Marinated mullet

Strictly speaking, according to the method of cooking can be described as rather roast in the marinade, but will not deviate from the name – “barbunya of marinate”.

For its preparation take 700-800 g of mullet (if you want you can replace it with another similar fish), 125 g flour, two cloves of garlic, olive oil (75 ml) vinegar (50-75 ml), a glass of water, a bunch of parsley, Bay leaf, salt, pepper.

Start with the sauce-marinade. Add the olive oil, vinegar, water, chopped garlic, seasonings and spoon diluted in water flour. Boil sauce in skillet for a few minutes.

Fish salt, zapaniruyte in flour and fry in olive oil on both sides about ten minutes.

Put ready fish on a dish, pour the sauce and sprinkle with chopped parsley. The Greeks say that “barbunya of marinate” goes well with white wine.

3. Octopus braised in own juice

But this is, perhaps, a festive meal. The Greeks called it “our tapodi cochinita”.

For cooking you will need fresh frozen octopus, 100 ml vegetable oil 300 ml dry red wine, onions, clove of garlic, 250 g tomato paste 50 ml vinegar, 200 ml water, salt to taste, and seasonings and spices – cinnamon, Bay leaf, thyme.

Sliced octopus sauté in olive oil with onions and garlic. Then add the vinegar and cook until all the liquid evaporates. After do the same, but with the wine and add the octopus and simmer until evaporated by two thirds. Now you need to add tomato paste, spices, a little water and cook on low heat for about 45 minutes.

When the octopus is almost ready, you can add in a pot of water, bring to the boil and add some small pasta. The Greeks traditionally added Orzo pasta, similar to large seeds of barley or oats, but this is uncommon. It is possible to use, for example, shells. So you get two dishes – braised octopus and pasta side dish to him.

4. Eggs fried with tomatoes

For this dish you can use any fine – grained caviar, cod, capelin, pike, pike-perch or other fish.

Calves will need a pound, the same amount of fresh tomatoes, two tablespoons of flour, a Cup of olive oil, two tablespoons of tomato paste, a pinch of red pepper, salt to taste, few sprigs of dill for decoration.

Salt and pepper the eggs, put in a bowl and soak for half an hour in a cool place. At this time, you can fry in olive oil sliced tomatoes.

Roll the eggs in flour and fry in oil, then place on a dish and overlaid roasted tomatoes.

For the sauce, mix the remaining oil with tomato paste, salt and pepper. Pour the eggs with the sauce and garnish with sprigs of dill.

5. Taramosalata

From the same caviar can be cooked popular Greek appetizer called taramosalata. Despite the name, it’s not a salad, but rather a pasting.

Based on six servings you will need 120 g cod or other caviar, 180 g breadcrumbs, fresh onion, five tablespoons of fresh lemon juice 130 ml olive oil salt to taste.

Soak the crumb in water and wring out. Blender, whisk the eggs with the onion until a homogeneous dense mass. Then alternately add thirds bread and one-third of the olive oil, beating well after each Supplement. Then in two steps, pour the lemon juice, continuing to whisk. Try the dish for salt and if needed add, whisk one last time. If you wish, a snack to hold half an hour in the fridge.

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