President trump reportedly will nominate the Governor of Kansas, Sam Brownback, for the post of Ambassador for international religious freedom. If it is approved in the Senate, Brownback will lead the division of the State Department, which will promote religious freedom through the foreign policy.

“International religious freedom is not there. Worldwide it’s getting worse, not better. It becomes less free, not more free. Is more persecution, not less. This continues the last 20 years — since, as was passed the original bill. So I’m looking forward to when I can to help in the implementation of this plan, in the solution to this problem, the coordination of these efforts and defending this case,” says Sam Brownback.

Organizations advocating for freedom of religion, support this choice.

David Curry of “Open doors” reported CBN News that Brownback can change the very essence of this role.

“I think he will be able to raise the prestige of this position and make it very important, indeed necessary, because these problems play a crucial role in what is happening around the world, says David Curry. — All the processes in the middle East, Asia, associated with freedom of religion. These are the key problems that appeared in major crises around the world, and we need a representative who will talk about it. I think Governor Brownback are perfect for the job”.

It is unknown when to begin confirmation hearings Brownback.

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