The President of Estonia visited the pühtitsa Stavropegial monastery


5 Sep 2018 President of the Republic of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid visited the Dormition of the pühtitsa Stavropegial convent, according to patriarhiei.

In the meeting with the President was attended by the Metropolitan of Tallinn and all Estonia Eugene.

“All communities are important for Estonia, including those that are Church. It’s like a part of the picture, for example, on the skirts of the Estonian women. They are not uniform, and vary in color. And in this respect Estonia and consists of a variety of people and communities,” said Kirsty Kaljulaid.

According to Pjuhtitsky abbess of the monastery of the mother superior Filaret (Kalacheva), the President’s visit was a landmark event for the monastery. “Our community for over 125 years. We welcome her visit, wanting to know how we live. Most importantly, there was no policy, but simply human communication,” said the mother superior filareta.

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