The President promised to go to Fanar for Tomos.

Petro Poroshenko ready to fly to Fanari

Petro Poroshenko together with the newly elected head of the Ukrainian Church will fly to Istanbul to Tomos.

The intention of the President of Ukraine personally to go to Fanar for Tomos said channel NewsOne. “After unifying Council Petro Poroshenko personally will go with the newly elected Primate of Unified Ukrainian Local Orthodox Church to the Ecumenical Patriarchate for the ceremony of receiving the Tomos about autocephaly. This was stated by the President himself,” – said the host of the program, Katerina Zhukova. What her colleague, the leading Maxim Nazarov responded with a joke: “When you go for imported Tomos – VAT return”.

Earlier, Poroshenko said that the “unification Council” will be no later than mid-December.

On November 29 the Synod of the Church of Constantinople took action on Ukraine. Their detailed analysis of the SPM.

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