The pressure on the UOC will increase due to the introduction of martial law.

Political Analyst Andriy Zolotaryov

The President has decided that, time will come to convince the UOC to take part in the establishment of the autocephaly of the good, you have bad, said Andrey Zolotarev.

The introduction of martial law will lead to increased pressure on the UOC. This was stated by the political scientist Andrey Zolotarev in comments to the SPM.

According to him, today the authorities are trying to force the UOC to diligent behaviour and to go to this political project “ETC”, which is so much the President says.

“Remember how during the Synod (the Synod of bishops of the UOC – note. ed.), the President yelled “What the canons?”, the expert noted. Yet the canons was more important for people who really are believers. So I think for our President, if he would have, he would have a single local synagogue was created. But, once you don’t work, the President has decided the hard way. Has released the Terriers, who began – as you can see, as in Lviv oblast to write graffiti “Down with the Moscow priest!”, “FSB agents” etc”.

Zolotarev also reminded that the Ministry of culture for the first time in 30 years engaged in the inventory of property in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

“And then went heavy artillery – SBU. We understand very well that it performs the functions of the secret police, the Inquisition, the Ukrainian government and the incumbent President. My surprise is why SBU is not responding to blatant discrimination, when politicians incite religious hatred, as if she doesn’t. But somehow she found a brochure entitled “Answers and questions” from Bishop Paul, and it’s funny. I think SBU was involved in the same dirty story. Actually on the place the next President I would have thought that the country needed such a security service, which does not shun … I don’t see a fundamental difference between the NKVD, the KGB, the SBU, precisely because it is the people who, as he sang Butusov, “the pimply guys with a conscience”, ” – said the analyst.

As explained earlier, the experts, the introduction in Ukraine of martial law does not limit the right to freedom of religion but limits the right to religious street event or procession. In turn, the Director of the Department of religious Affairs of the Ministry of culture Andriy yurash said that the conflict in the Kerch Strait will inspire community groups to accelerate the implementation of the project of the Local Church in Ukraine.

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