The priest spoke out against the landfill – it fell check

In Sergiev Posad was released from the post of Director of the Museum named after father Alexander men, Abbot Sergius of the temple Archpriest Viktor Grigorenko, who is the Creator of the Museum and a nephew of the murdered priest. The unofficial reason for the dismissal was his statement against the construction of a large landfill. Now Victor is afraid that the work of the Museum will be paralyzed.

Archpriest Victor Grigorenko. Photo Anna Galperina

For many years I was engaged in public work, with the blessing of Metropolitan of Krutitsy and Kolomna Juvenal was a member of the Public chamber of the Moscow region of the Moscow diocese, a member of the Public chamber of the Sergiev Posad district of different convocations, held the positions of Deputy Chairman of the Public chamber and the Chairman of the Commission on culture. But now to continue this activity, I can not because my priestly activities incompatible with the policy. In this connection I wrote a letter of resignation from the Public chamber of the Sergiev Posad district.

My statement at the public hearing that 15 people from the Public chamber oppose the construction of domestic waste landfill and incinerator near the village of Sakharovo, caused a negative reaction among officials. I as an Orthodox Christian I believe that my position was correct, in addition, I am familiar with the position of our Church, which is articulated in the social concept of the Russian Orthodox Church, which clearly spelled out our relationship to nature, to the environment. The Church considers it its duty to participate in the discussion of environmental issues, and to cooperate with all who work in this field and thinks about the health and normal life of people. Besides, nobody is against modern waste treatment plants. But if the authorities can’t explain what they want to build, of course, people have a doubt.

After my speech on my work, which I combine with his Ministry in the Sergievsky temple, were sent to review. Sergius Church and MUK KPC Dubrava work together to promote the heritage of Archpriest Alexander Me, 2006 is the annual international conference “Manevskii read”, which in addition to topics related to the study of the heritage of Archpriest Alexander Me, the predicative relevant to modern society as the “Church and youth”, Orthodox pedagogy, “Help neighbors in Christ’s name” and others. This year the Metropolitan of Moscow and Krutitsa Juvenal approved the topic “the Russian Orthodox Church and the state: history and modernity (the 100th anniversary of the feat of new martyrs and Confessors of Russia)”. Regularly held stationary and traveling exhibitions, tours of the Museum by name of Alexander’s father. The core of our Museum is the collection of 2000 exhibits, which was registered in the Museum Fund of the Russian Federation, and currently more than 2000 exhibits are in the process of registration.

The administrative act, requiring the reduction of three rates of our Department, including my own, as Deputy Director of the Museum, in fact, negates the fact that bit by bit was created over 18 years, as part of the team consists of family and relatives of Alexander’s father, who had been eyewitnesses to the life of a prominent pastor. What is surprising is that just last year our family was awarded the diploma of the Minister of culture of the Moscow region for labour dynasty, and I myself was repeatedly awarded with diplomas, including for the creation of the Museum. We very much hope that the claims made by our Department, will be carefully analyzed by specialists of the Museum and considered by the Ministry of culture of the Moscow region, where we now sent his appeal.

It’s a shame that this is happening at a time when there is increased interaction between the Church and museums, especially in our diocese where there is a cultural-educational Union “Church and Museum”, designed to ensure interaction between the museums of the Moscow region with the parishes and monasteries of the Moscow diocese in the sphere of preservation, use and promotion of historical and cultural values.

Now there are different publications in the media, and not always correct. As a result, I increasingly feel that involuntarily involved in some political game, and therefore wrote a statement of withdrawal from the Public chamber. For me as for any priest first of all my pastoral office in the Church, and it is important for me to support Vladyka Yuvenaly, our ruling Bishop, that the Ministry at their parish I can combine with the case for preservation of the heritage of father Alexander, whose blood was shed at this place.

We are now very important to save the Museum. Everything we do should not be just cut off, especially now, when we come so many guests. For example, Metropolitan Hilarion, Chairman of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, through the work of the Church postgraduate and doctoral studies, regularly sends us guests, representatives of different Christian denominations. They get acquainted not only with the Trinity-Sergius Lavra and Theological Academy and Seminary, but I always visit the Museum of father Alexander men, as his works are known not only in Russia but also abroad.

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