The Primate of the UOC: a Distorted concept of God prevents a man to know Him

His Beatitude Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine Onufry

rgin-right:0cm”>In Kiev-Pechersk Lavra his Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry headed festive divine Liturgy on the anniversary of his Episcopal consecration.

Distorted notions about God do not give the opportunity to know God Who is always there. On 9 December, said his Beatitude Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine Onufry in a sermon at the Liturgy on the day of the 28-th anniversary of his Episcopal consecration, according to Information-enlightenment Department of the UOC.

Explaining the passage from the gospel (LK. 13: 10-21) Christ healing the woman who was bent over for 18 years, his Beatitude Onufry noticed the behavior of the ruler of the synagogue. The chief saw the miracle of healing the terminally ill, but instead to rejoice, to thank the Savior, he was outraged and began to insult and Savior, and people.

“Why is he acting like that? – asked the Primate. – Because he had the right idea about God. The Jews preserved the doctrine of the Messiah, but the doctrine has been distorted by human desires, of human speculation: the Jews waited for the Messiah in glory will come, all Nations will conquer the Jews, and they put over all the kings”.

According to His Beatitude, for this reason, when the Savior said His Kingdom is not of this world, the Jews hated him and crucified Him.

“The ruler of the synagogue had the wrong faith and therefore he did not recognize God, he did not understand Who he faces, and that ignorance started to misbehave before God, and even to insult Him. A proper understanding of God’s will helps us to know the Lord is always beside us, Who often visits us special graces, blessings, grace,” concluded Vladyka Onufry.

At the end of worship on the anniversary of his Episcopal consecration the Primate sang many years. Metropolitan Vladimir thanked the congregation for prayers and blessed all.

Earlier, the Primate of the UOC said that man thanking God, free from the shackles of flattery.


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