The project of translation of texts on Orthodoxy in the languages of Central Asia need help


On the Internet platform “Undertaking” is a fundraiser for the missionary translation of texts about the Orthodox faith into the languages of the peoples of Central Asia — Uzbek, Tajik and Kyrgyz, according to Фома.Ru.

This project is unique because in the modern history of the Russian Orthodox Church has never carried out a systematic translation of texts about the faith and the Liturgy into the languages of those who are coming to Russia from neighboring Central Asian countries.

These people don’t just live and work in Russia, often they go to Church and want to learn about Christianity in their own language.

Moreover, in Moscow the planned meeting of the Orthodox of the Central Asian community, which also still has a complete list of liturgical books in any of the three major languages of Central Asia.

In this regard, a member of the Missionary Commission at Diocesan Council of Moscow, the deacon of Dionysius by Grishkova, a project was launched to raise funds for the first phase of the systematic translation of the main texts of Orthodox faith and worship, and author of missionary methods and practices in Uzbek, Tajik and Kyrgyz languages.

In particular, it is planned professional translation of nearly 100 pages of the text of the “Catechism” of St. Nicholas Serbian, “Catechetical words for converts from Islam”, the missionary pamphlets and the prayer book.

However, only their own such project father Dionysius is very difficult to implement. Therefore, if You have the opportunity to help the project on the Internet platform “Undertaking”.

Support this unique and important project, every rouble of which would be spent on translations is vital to the missionary activities of the materials. If You are not able to financially support the project, repost and like!

On the work with migrants and translated Orthodox literature it is possible to know (brochure download) on the website of the Missionary Commission at Diocesan Council of Moscow.

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