This day will go down in the history of Christian Ukraine. According to various estimates, from 200 to 600 thousand people came on 17 September, 2017 on the Khreshchatyk – the Central street of Kiev to celebrate the Day Podaci (thanksgiving). The celebration of the 500th anniversary of the reformation in Ukraine was approved at the state level, and this large-scale event became the loudest chord.

“In many countries there is a holiday, and we want this initiative to move to Ukraine, to Ukraine for all churches of different denominations, the denominations was Thanksgiving. We want it to be every year, to thank all the churches, and believe that through it God bless Ukraine”, — said the Bishop of Evangelical Christians-Baptists of Ukraine Valeriy Antonyuk.

“This celebration shows our unity, shows our goals, and we want to change our country. But this can only be done with unity, prayer, thanksgiving, blessing. This holiday different vectors, and today we took the first step,” said senior Bishop of the Church of Christians of faith Evangelical of Ukraine Mykhailo Panochko.
The morning service attracted thousands of listeners, and when the day began to seem that the main street can no longer accommodate more people came in thousands to hear the concert and a charity performance of nick Vujcic. Evening entertainment was broadcast in nine languages (including sign language) in 26 countries of the world.

“We came here with family to be here to see it. We wanted to see nick Vujcic,” says Karina.

“We are believers and we love God and we have to be here, we want to be here. We want to praise Him”, — said Valery Castle, forced migrants from the ATO zone.

“You can really really tell that in Ukraine there is a revival. Central Ukraine, capital of Ukraine and here there are such things, says this popular Christian singer and musician Valery Korop. God took control of our country in answer to the prayers of thousands of believers.”

Thanksgiving was a good opportunity for evangelism. During the day volunteers twelve a prayer of tents was attended by about 10 thousand notes the needs for which later prayed for the spiritual leaders of Ukraine.

“A lot of people Express a desire, please pray for healing, salvation of human souls”, — the volunteer tells one of the prayer tents Elena.

“Jesus did on earth He went and preached the gospel to the people. We do the same thing,” says Davis, who serves with her.

This time of meeting with the Ministry of the Evangelical Church society. In tents that stretched along the downtown, people learned about the Christian rehabilitation centers, educational institutions, medical clinics, katalanska Ministry, Christian TV channels, radio stations and much more. Each of these ministries is a response to certain spiritual or physical need, through them God is working in Ukraine, creating Their own miracles.

“The year of the reformation – it is an acquaintance with Evangelical Protestant churches. 25 years of freedom many people in Ukraine understood and saw the face of Evangelical churches. But at the same time, we understand that Ukraine needs reformation. The reformation of the spirit, the reformation of the heart, which begins with the Scriptures”, — said Valeriy Antonyuk.

“Today we see that we are not alone, and society sees that people who believe in Jesus Christ – they are normal people. And even they have the answers to the problems of society that society does not know how to solve,” said Steve Weber, President of the Association “Emmanuel” (CBN-Ukraine).

One organization was represented in each tent. The Association “Emmanuel” — the Ukrainian division of CBN — leads diverse work in the fields of: media, Ministry to children and orphans, medicine, education, philanthropy in the area of ATO.

“We’re 25 years old, who only started his Ministry, but we are United by faith in Jesus Christ, we are United by the desire to help those in need. We are United by the belief that Ukraine will indeed become a prosperous country, a peaceful country, where both the adult and the child and youth will know the living God,” says Vitaly Stebenev, Vice-President of the Association “Emmanuel” (CBN-Ukraine).

Terry Musen — host of “the 700 Club” and founder of the Ministry “orphans Promise” — honorable guest of the occasion. Today in Ukraine there are 19 centers of this service, which works in 60 countries around the world.

“I believe that Ukraine can be a model for the world. I heard God calling, how to care for orphans, and they made it happen. There are no words to describe how one nation can change the world. Therefore, I say, “Go, Ukraine, go ahead”!” she says.
The celebration of the 500 years of the reformation, without exaggeration, has become a landmark event for Evangelical Protestant churches of Ukraine. For the first time in the modern history of Evangelical Christians of different denominations so deeply and sincerely come together for a common goal. For the first time a Christian holiday (besides, it’s not Easter or Christmas) — gathered so many people. For the first time in a nominally Orthodox country Evangelical Church could so loudly and publicly declare his deeds, his fruits, services, and about its very existence.

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