The rector of the MDA: “the Cathedral” in Kiev has become a sad page in the history of Orthodoxy

Rector of the Moscow theological Academy Bishop Ambrose

The Bishop of verey Ambrose hopes that the fulness of Orthodoxy will give truthful assessment of what is happening in Ukraine and initiates actions aimed at healing the situation.

“Unification Council” on 15 December was a dirty and sad page in human history of universal Orthodoxy. About this he wrote in his Telegram-the rector of the Moscow theological Academy Bishop Ambrose verey.

“With a heavy heart, worried about the events that occurred yesterday in Kiev: Fanar initiated a meeting of two schismatic groups, who from their environment chose the head of the so-called Metropolitan Epiphanios, who was born and brought up in the bosom of the split, “ordained” deprived of dignity and anathematized Filaret (Denysenko), and never had any canonically lawful ordination, wrote the Bishop Ambrose. Patriarch Bartholomew has blessed this man to head a new schismatic group, called the “Orthodox Church in Ukraine” and adopted it as Metropolitan – without repentance, without ordination – thus legitimizers right to the schismatic actions.”

Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church fears the persecution of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, clergy and laity, according to Bishop Ambrose, now likely to be expelled from temples, to deprive the community of those places that they created and supported for decades.

“It is clear to us that all of this is done with two goals – said the rector of MDA. Ukrainian President pursues political objectives: it has elections soon, and he needed a powerful information resources in order to get re-elected. Patriarch Bartholomew, intended to acquire an additional income and stauropegic monasteries, having in their power the whole Church of a great country, and to revenge the ROC for non-participation in the meeting in Crete. For Raskolnikov legitimization is proof of the correctness of their activities in recent decades. It turns out that it is possible: to declare himself Patriarch or Metropolitan of the whole country, and then, after a couple of decades, taking advantage of the political situation – to Tomos for his structures.”

Bishop Ambrose writes that in the Orthodox Church begins the time of troubles.

“I believe that the fullness of Holy Orthodoxy will give truthful assessment of what is happening and initiates actions aimed at the healing of this situation,” said Bishop Ambrose, urging to pray for his Beatitude Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine Onufriy and the faithful archpastors, pastors, monastics and laity of the UOC.

Earlier in the Belarusian Church has stated that it is not going to contact the newly formed PCU.

As reported by PWC, December 15 in Kyiv was held the “unification Council”. According to the results, Petro Poroshenko announced the establishment of a new Church structure for the Orthodox Church of Ukraine headed by the protege Filaret “Metropolitan” Epiphany.

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