The rector of the Moscow spiritual Academy has denied entry to Ukraine


November 7, rector of the Moscow theological Academy Archbishop Vereysky Ambrose, who arrived in Kyiv to participate in the celebrations devoted to day of memory of St Nestor the Chronicler, the Assembly of the day of the Kiev theological Academy, was detained at the checkpoint and airport “Kiev” (Juliani), interviewed and refused entry to the territory of Ukraine, reports a press-service YEAH.

In the paper, transferred to Archbishop Ambrose was officially stated frankly far-fetched reason: “not Mauger paternity meta zaplanovano perebuvannya on the territory of Ukraine”. At the hands of the rector of MDA was the official invitation of the rector of KTHA, accommodation was planned together with the other guests at the hotel Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. On the question of the Lord, how to understand the reason, the answer was not given.

Rector HMM, Archbishop of verey Ambrose arrived in Kyiv at the invitation of the rector of KTHA Bishop of Belgorod Sylvester to participate in the celebration of the monk Nestor the Chronicler, the patron Saint of the Kiev theological Academy. Celebrations include joint prayer services: all-night vigil and divine Liturgy, as well as participation in a traditional ceremonial Act.

The incident, in the context of the growing Ukraine tension, eloquently illustrates the consequences Patriarch Bartholomew decisions, and is also one of the many violations of believers ‘ rights, which provoke the Ukrainian authorities headed by Poroshenko.

It should be noted that today the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the priests of the Russian Orthodox Church has “nothing to do” in Ukraine, urging them to leave the country.

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