The registration of volunteers on duty at the relics of St. Nicholas. Spyridon

From 22 September to 15 October 2018 at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior dwells the ark with the relics of St. Spyridon.

Two weeks of stay of the relics of St. Spyridon in Moscow, they bowed to more than 200 thousand people. The number of pilgrims increases every day.

To assist in conducting such a large-scale event, the movement of Orthodox volunteers together with the Youth Department of the Moscow diocese continues to recruit volunteers.

The cooperation can be booked from 8 to 14 October.

Volunteers are on duty in two shifts:

  • First shift: 7:00-14:00
  • Second shift 13:00 to 20:00.
  • October 15 — solemn shrines.

Who can become a volunteer?

A volunteer can be anybody!

The participation of volunteers under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult (relative or guardian).

Functions of volunteers:

  • Coordination of people at the exit of the subway (Park Kultury, Oktyabrskaya, Kropotskinskaya)
  • duty at headquarters;
  • duty along the line;
  • help social service;
  • assistance in the management of flows of people;
  • meeting and escort of pregnant women, families with children and persons with disabilities;
  • help in the temple;
  • distribution iconotec.

Please note that the appearance should match the Christian tradition and obedience may be associated with physical activity.

Attention! The distribution of functions in the place of pursuing the responsible coordinator.

You can register at this link:

Hotline volunteers: (hours 8:00-20:00)

  • [email protected]
  • +7 (985) 115-09-34
  • +7 (985) 115-09-42
  • +7 (963) 770-11-01 (SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, ICQ)

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