The relics of St. Spyridon in Krasnodar bowed over 50 thousand faithful


Over 50 thousand faithful bowed brought to Russia from the Greek island of Corfu the relics of St. Spyridon during their stay in Krasnodar, RIA Novosti reported.

The ark with the right hand (right hand) of the Saint was delivered on Friday in the Catherine Cathedral in Krasnodar, he became the first and only seat of the Christian shrines in the South of Russia.

“During the stay of the Shrine in Krasnodar bowed to the relics of more than 50 thousands of believers”, — said the representative of the Yekaterinodar and Kuban diocese. He also said that in the night of Tuesday, when they make the night divine Liturgy, all those wishing to venerate the relics did not decrease, stretched out on adjacent to St. Catherine’s Cathedral street.

The reliquary containing the hand of St. Spyridon of trimythous will leave the Kuban capital on August 29 at 21.00. In Russia, the Shrine will remain until October 15. To venerate the relics in Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Kemerovo, the Moscow region, Tula, St-Petersburg, Tver, Saratov, Cheboksary, Yaroslavl and Moscow.

Of the relics of Saint Spyridon is organized by the charitable Fund named after Vladimir. The Fund, established in 2015, support social initiatives, charitable and educational programs.

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