The religious community of the UOC of the village of kipti not left the raiders chances

Father Vladislav declares the will of the religious community of the village of kipti to the General meeting.

The Orthodox community of the Church in honor of Dmitry Solunsky the village of kipti in Chernihiv region was not given any opportunity to decide the fate of their arrival at the village meeting.

On the eve of Chernihiv region have been several attempts to translate local religious communities in the PCU by a vote of the local community, so the parishioners in the village of kipti to take all possible measures to protect his Church. About it reports “Perche Kozatskiy”.

Upon learning of the impending meeting of the village, father Vladislav Dobryden, who singlehandedly built a Church in honor of Dmitry Solunsky, organized a meeting of the congregation. 46 members of the religious community who came to the meeting voted unanimously to remain in the bosom of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church headed by his Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry. Believers have registered a community and drew up a Protocol of the meeting.

January 30, after the prayer, members of religious communities went to the meeting of the villagers, which they said could raise the question of changing the jurisdictional affiliation of the local Church of the UOC.

Although the issue at the meeting was raised and the leadership of the village Cauchy demonstrated respect for the Ukrainian laws and the constitutional rights of citizens, father Vladislav decided to testify before the congregation the will of the Church community to remain in the bosom of the canonical Church.

“In our view, unity and good will community Church in honor of Dmitry Solunsky the village of kipti can be Orthodox for a model of how to protect their rights in these difficult times, when the law, humanity, and faith ceased to be for many people something more important,” – said in the editorial “Pershoho Kozickogo”.

As reported by PWC, informed the members of the radical group C14 lamented that in Chernigov until now, no one religious community moved to the DNC and suggested that “true ptsu” assistance.

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