The representative of the Greek Church: the Cathedral of Crete caused damage to Orthodoxy

Metropolitan Calabrisi and Ageliki Ambrose

Metropolitan Calabrisi and Ageliki Ambrose, a Bishop of the Greek Orthodox Church criticized the decision of the Cathedral of Crete.

Cathedral in Kolymbari in Crete, has caused irreparable harm to the Orthodox Church, the representative of the Greek Orthodox Church Metropolitan Ambrose.

According to the Hierarch, the Church was not “pan-Orthodox”, although calling him that.

“Four Local Churches refused to participate in it, – quotes the words of Metropolitan Ambrose Romfea. But neither was he a Saint. Because of its decision to equate Christianity with Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. Was named the “Churches” those who by their own decision to cut yourself off from the Tree, which is called “Church,” i.e. from the world, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and began to live by themselves.”

According to Metropolitan Ambrose, when the leaders of Churches, speaking on his own behalf, act treacherously, it hurts us, but not powerful enough because it does not affect the Church as institution.

“For example, when his All-Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew knelt before the all-Holy Tomb of our Lord in Jerusalem and prayed together with the Pope, that it caused damage to his soul, not Church, because we all condemn their common prayer – said the Hierarch. But when the Primate of Orthodoxy summed up in Kolymbari, Cathedral treacherous taking decisions in respect of our Holy Orthodox Church, and then caused great harm. Very large. It is very large, because it adds confusion to the Orthodox space, and inevitably leads to a new schism between the believers of the Autocephalous Orthodox Churches.”

Bishop Ambrose said that Roman Catholics or Papists are not accepted by the Founder of the Church of Jesus Christ.

“We have the heavenly signs and divine miracles that assure us that, – said the representative of the Greek Church. For example, the fact that the Holy Light [Holy fire] is given only to the Orthodox Patriarch”.

Evidence can also serve as the Patriarch’s diploma from 1701 and the Orthodox legend of St. Spiridon, who defended the purity of Orthodoxy against Catholics.

“”The Holy and Great Council” in Crete acted opposite of how I behaved Saint Spyridon with the Papists. In other words: the Cathedral in Kolymbari in Crete, have caused irreparable harm to our Orthodox Church”, – concluded the Metropolitan.

Earlier, Patriarch Bartholomew called upon the Holy Synod of the Greek Orthodox Church to prevent the revision of the Cathedral on the island of Crete and to protect its documents.

The Cretan Council took place in June 2016. It was attended by primates and representatives of ten of the 14 recognized local Orthodox Churches.


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