China is the world’s largest Communist state, and soon it will be the world’s largest Christian country. In one of the corners in the northeast of China, thousands of Christians 24 hours a day and 7 days a week participate in an unprecedented prayer movement. The fact that six years ago started as a small collection has now become truly a national prayer initiative, bringing together hundreds of Chinese churches. “Global Christian news” got exclusive access to these amazing events.

For many years the Chinese authorities tried to suppress Christianity in the late 40-ies of the last century, about 500 thousand Chinese Christians were killed for their faith. Now, decades later, the country that officially still considered atheistic, Christianity is the fastest growing religion.

Leader – prayer Ministry Ha binja’s study and her husband, Feng Kai — witness this powerful movement of God in China. In 2000, the couple Christian I had a dream — to turn a piece of land in one of the corners in the North-East of China in the place of prayer: “we had a dream: I wanted to build a Church that will focus on prayer for China and the world. My tears flowed like rain, and I began to pray. God gave us a vision to help churches from all over China to unite for the sake of continuing the prayers,” says Ha binja’s study.

Nine years later, when the building was nearing completion, the couple via email and in the SMS I sent to friends and pastors of churches invitation to their prayer meetings: “We do not know who will come and how many. I prayed that involved people, at least, of the seven churches. Imagine my surprise when the day we were joined by representatives of seventy!”, recalls Ha binja’s study.

The prayer center was opened in June 2009. Since 617 churches from different parts of China have joined the round-the-clock prayer.

“We have three main objectives. First, that in this place people could come to terms with each other. Second, God can use this place to Church, repented and compromise with each other. And thirdly, that in this place people could be reconciled to God,” says Ha binja’s study.

In addition, the prayer center had already been visited by Christians from over a hundred countries.

“Every day we receive guests from all over the world. So nice to see people pray,” says Jian Anchan, volunteer-hour prayer service.

These intercessors know what God is doing in China is something special. When in 40-ies came to power, the Communists in China was about 4 million Christians. Today, followers of Jesus Christ there are more than a hundred million. And, according to experts, at the current rate of growth, in less than two decades China will become the world’s most populous Christian country.

In turn, Feng Kai said that God will use China to be a blessing to the Nations: “I believe that our lives as Christians should be a blessing to others. God said to Abraham: “I will bless you. I will magnify thy name, and thou shalt be a blessing”. God blessed Abraham, and He blesses Chinese Church,” he says.

Kai and the others believe that such prayer initiatives have played a key role in the growth of the Church in China.

“Continuous prayer is not an easy task, but we are happy to participate in this 24 hours a day to enjoy the presence of God in prayer,” says Lili Dong, member of the round-the-clock prayer service.

“Thanks to the prayers, our hearts expand. We learn to care about others and about the world. Gradually prayers inspire us to love each other,” says the elder van party-hour prayer service.

In 2011, on the basis of the prayer center was opened a new Seminary and the Christian business school, where a new generation of pastors and business leaders are being trained, and then to change China for the sake of Jesus Christ. Ha binja’s study and her husband Feng Cai believe this place is the embodiment of their God-given dreams to unite the churches in China and help them to bring the message of Christ’s love to the ends of the earth: “this is the essence of Christianity. We’re on our knees, raise our hands and pray that the gospel continued to spread around the world and here in China,” says Ha binja’s study.

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