The Russian government held a meeting on the issue of preservation of the Mirozhsky and Snetogorsky monastery in Pskov region


During the meeting, the Deputy Chairman of the Government Alexey Gordeyev has paid special attention to the need for rapid and coordinated work to restore the shoreline near the Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy Mirozhsky and Snetogorsky male convents suffering from flooding. He noted that this work requires a clear delineation of institutional authority and fixing of responsibility of all participants in the process, reports the website of the Cabinet of Ministers.

“Ensembles of monasteries of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries are of historical value not only for the Pskov region, but for the whole country. And the question of their preservation is a matter of preserving our cultural heritage”, – said Alexey Gordeev. According to him, the previous unsuccessful attempts to solve this problem serve as a good example for the whole system of public administration “how not to work.” Therefore, this issue is raised to the level of the Government to find a balanced and comprehensive decision and to develop appropriate instructions to relevant ministries and agencies to coordinate their interaction. “Our main task – in the shortest possible time to prepare relevant project documentation and perform all required work on time. The government has taken this issue under control,” – said Deputy Prime Minister.

Following the meeting adopted a number of concrete decisions which will allow to continue the work of saving of unique monuments of architecture. In particular, it decided with the assistance of the Federal property management Agency and the Federal registration service to register the unfinished Bank building Snetogorsky monastery, whose construction was suspended in 2010, the ownership of the Pskov region.

In respect of the Mirozhsky monastery in cooperation with the Federal water resources Agency will elaborate a technical solution for the protection of the monument from the negative impact of flood waters and prepared project documentation for civil engineering. Subsequently, the regional governments should provide the appropriate budget request for co-financing of works on construction of the defenses of the Federal budget. State support may be provided under the state program “Development of water management complex of the Russian Federation in 2012-2020”.

Also, the Deputy Prime Minister supported the appeal of acting Governor of the Pskov region Mikhail Vedernikov with a request to consider the possibility of separating the region from the reserve Fund of the Government funds to support the project and pre-project works on strengthening the coastline near Mirozhsky and Snetogorsky monasteries. According to preliminary estimates for this purpose would need to be allocated about 50 million rubles.

After the meeting, Alexey Gordeev held a working meeting with Mikhail Vedernikov, in which discussed a number of issues in the sphere of nature management, ecology and agriculture of the Pskov region.

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The Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy Mirozhsky monastery is a monastic complex of the XII century, famous thanks to the only Russian on the degree of preservation of the pre-Mongol frescoes of the Cathedral Church.

Snetogorsky monastery dates back to XIII century. The frescoes– the only monument of the old Russian monumental painting of the first half of the XIV century and a striking example of the Pskov art school.

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