The Russian Orthodox University began accepting documents for courses advising “How to save the unborn”


Russian Orthodox University and the Foundation “Women for life” opened courses professional development program “Business women in a situation of reproductive choice,” according to the website of the University.

According to Natalia Moskvitina, founder of the Foundation “Women for life”, the course is primarily designed for those involved in saving a life before birth and want to deepen and systematize their knowledge; wants to begin to communicate with women in a situation of reproductive choice, but is afraid; wants to promote the ideas of Pro-life in society, but until one feels completely confident of the argument; psychologists who want to start working in the antenatal clinic.

“We are an educational institution, our role is to support the education of specialists in this field. But we hope in addition to this training course and refresher training to run a one-day lecture with Natalia for citizens, then in the framework of public lectures exploring the theme can come to us and listen to short lectures. So it is also educational activities, not only educational,” – commented on the TV channel “SPAS” news about the opening of courses predeparture advice “How to save unborn” Abbot Peter (Eremeev), rector of Moscow Orthodox Institute of St. John the Evangelist (RPU), Abbot of the vysoko-Petrovsky monastery.

Teaching courses will Natalia Moskvitina, founder of “Women for life”; Professor Irina Filatova, doctor of medical Sciences, doctor of higher category, head physician of the center, a graduate of Oxford; Marina Iosifovna Kozlov, Deputy head of the Department of social work and social welfare MPI St. John the Evangelist, member Professional psychotherapeutic League, psychotherapist; Tatiana O. Shilyuk, candidate of law Sciences, senior lecturer at Moscow state law University. After O. E. Kutafin; Hope G. Khramov, Ph. D., associate Professor of General and applied psychology, MPI St. John the Evangelist; Irina Moshkova, PhD, founder of psychological counseling “Family benefit”.

Upon completion of the program graduates will receive a certificate of qualification under the program “Business women in a situation of reproductive choice.”

The first session is on 12 November. Each lecture will last four hours, and the whole course lasts for 72 academic hours. Lectures will be held from 18:30 to 21:20 with a break for coffee break in one of the buildings of the Russian Orthodox University at the address ulitsa Bolshaya Yakimanka, the house 38, road 5.

In the future the course also will be held remotely.

The tuition fee is 4500 rubles.

To enroll, you must bring a copy of your passport and a document about education (secondary vocational or higher professional) in the University.

Documents must be submitted at the address ulitsa Bolshaya Yakimanka, the house 38, road 5 (on the phone +7 (495) 626 85 15).

The schedule of reception of documents: from 6 to 10 November from 15:00 to 19:00.

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