The Serbian Church: the Army of Kosovo directed against the Serbian people and Holy sites

The Holy Synod of the Serbian Church reacted strongly to information about the formation of the army of Kosovo and published on this occasion a special message. It says that the Synod was concerned to accept the information that “the enemies of peace yet another gross violation of international law adopted a decision on the formation of the army COSCO-metohijska Albanians.”


“For the Serbian Church, reads the message, – there is no dilemma that this army is directed exclusively against the Serbian people, who courageously professed his faith in Kosovo and Metohija and is proud of his Serbian name. We know that the formation of this army directed against the ancient Serbian Orthodox shrines in Kosovo and Metohija, which the enemies of the Church of God want to destroy or at least capture”.

“Similarly, we know, – underlined in the message, what about the lawlessness of the Albanians would not be able to conceive, unless he had the clear support of the United States and other Western forces, led by their own selfish interests, which, ultimately, opposed to the interests of Serbs and Albanians”.

The Serbian Church once again called for a peaceful coexistence of Serbs and Albanians, “that would be possible and practicable, if in a peaceful manner agreed Serbs and Albanians”.


The Church expressed support to the state authorities of Serbia in their quest to protect the Serbian people on Kosovo and Metohija, should it come under attack.

“We urge the faithful of the Serbian Orthodox Church and all citizens of the Republic of Serbia, and especially politicians to be responsible and unified, and to support the efforts of the state for the preservation of peace and the Serbian Orthodox people in Kosovo and Metohija,” – said in the message.

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