The shelling damaged the temple of the Donetsk diocese


6 August 2018 monitoring mission of the OSCE recorded the damage to the Svyato-Pokrovsky Church, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, located in the village Staromykhailivka of the Maryinsky region of Donetsk region. The destruction caused by the bombardments. Reported Information-enlightenment Department of the UOC with the link to the website of the mission.

Under fire hit the area and one-storey house adjacent to the Church, and the Church itself.

“On August 26 in Staromykhailivka members of the patrol Mission saw a fresh crater in the yard, about 20 metres West of the Church on St. of Kalinin, 7, and 4 metres to the South adjacent to the Church one-story building. Team CMM had fresh holes in the outer West wall of the Church,” – said in the Report about the latest news from the Special monitoring mission of the OSCE.

Also observers have noted that the one-story house embossed 3 Windows, and the doors of the same house were fresh shrapnel damage.


Svyato-Pokrovsky temple in Staromykhailivka more than a century. The first mass therein was committed on 14 Oct 1911. The Church survived the years of Bolshevik reprisals, the bombing of the Second world war, the Khrushchev persecution and until that time, remained unharmed, despite the fact that Staromykhailivka is one of the villages most affected by the armed conflict, which is happening now.

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