America is shocked by the shooting in Las Vegas — according to official sources, the attack resulted in 58 people were killed and 527 were injured. But victims could be much more. Responders and ordinary Americans have made heroic efforts to save others. And this week President trump was honored during their visit to Las Vegas. About the tragedy, he said, and with local pastors.

Their stories of survival can be called incredible. On this day, the President, trump has met with representatives of first responders, doctors, nurses and even those who risked their lives for strangers.

“In the depths of horror we can always find hope in the men and women who risk their lives for us,” said the President of the United States Donald trump.

The commander-in-chief used words like “amazing” and “incredible”, talking about the first responders and medical teams.

“Really proud that you’re American when you see the work they did,” he continued.

Arriving in Las Vegas after the mass shooting in American history, President trump met with the victims personally thanked the officers and said even civilians who risked their well-being for the sake of protecting others.

“The Americans threw himself under a hail of bullets to rescue total strangers,” said Donald trump.

In addition, in Las Vegas, trump met with local pastors.

“He shook our hands and said, “Pastors, thank you for being here,” says pastor Pascual, Urrabazo. He had the opportunity to speak with the President and first lady one-on-one.

“It means a lot to me — and not just for me but for the whole city. After all, he needed this city, and, behold, he came!” he replies to the question about what it means to him that President trump shook his hand in this tragic hour.

I agree with that and pastor Vance Pitman from the Church “Hope”. However, he adds that trump turns to God in times of tragedies.

“People ask the question: “Where is God in all this?” Of course, He is in the midst of all of this. God draws people to Himself through this and saved people,” he says.

“May God grant healing to the families of the victims, the wounded and dead” — said during the meeting Donald trump.

The President has been in the desert only a few hours, but in that short time has had a huge impact on those who have been touched by this tragedy. And while the police are still investigating to determine the motives of this shooting.

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