The so-called parents

Ksenia Turkova believes that the words that escaped the Minister give an attitude to adoptive parenting in Russia.

  • “More than three children in hands not to give!” – will the limits and tests the device of orphans
  • “Such a baby as Olga just die in the walls of the children’s home” foster care bill of the Ministry of education
  • Prison, STUMPS, standing abortion: that they waited for the orphans from the orphanage

The formula of “so-called” have become synonymous with fake

When I hear the phrase “so-called”, I immediately imagine something unacknowledged: a government that does not consider legitimate; the Republic which does not officially recognize almost no one in the world; the media, who really don’t do journalism; cheese that have lost the characteristics of the cheese. This list can be supplemented with another dozen points.

The formula of “so-called” have become synonymous with fake, fake, this, that makes you want to disown. It gives the position of: reform is one point of view, the so-called reform is another.

Remember how in the midst of the violent activities of the movement “Nashi” some media used the phrase “so-called “Our”. This was due not only and not so much a political position as ambiguity: it does not say “today we came to the rally”. What are “our”? Then who are? And on what basis is this division?

The definition of “so-called” actually in itself can be used without any negative connotations. It helps us to identify the terms, any special expression. Not far to seek — take the word of the previous sentence: if we say something about the so-called connotations, it does not mean that we consider them to be fake, fake.

But in recent years the use of this expression was scared for him so firmly entrenched glory of marker forgery that once again this formulation does not want to use even in the most innocent context.

The Minister didn’t mean broke

Politicians usually resort to such words consciously when they want to indicate their negative attitude. For example, during the political talk shows when they talk about “the so-called Western democracies” (once it is clear, they say its a democracy or not).

When the Minister of education Olga Vasilyeva has promised to “tighten the selection of the so-called parents”, the Association has arisen is this: adoptive parents are fake. Triggered mode token forgery.

Not coincidentally then, the Agency TASS adjusted the words Vasilyeva and removed them from the definition of “so called”.

Of course, we can say that the Minister didn’t mean broke, as they say. But the words that escape, especially from the lips of officials, usually reveal to us something more than imprudence, hastiness or lack of empathy.

Beyond the norm

Adoptive parenting in Russia still has not become something ordinary, familiar, NORMAL. For companies it is still outside the norm — in a good (“You are heroes, I could not(La!”) or bad (“How can you take a child, not knowing genes?”, “Why adopt the sick?”) side. Couples or single parents who have adopted children, often say, “Well, nothing, you are still HIS parents!”

All these words, seemingly small language nuances accurately convey how people really think and society (for the most part), and government officials to foster parents. They are really in the minds of many is still so called. Not equal biological, not YOUR own.

And all that is beyond the norm — more precisely, that for some reason is considered to be the norm, the officials usually want to “tighten” that they are going to do now with the new adoption rules. But only suffer from this are not so called, and very real children.

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