The son of a German officer returned to the monastery in Borodino the old icon

77 the image was stored in the North of Bavaria, in the house of count Georg of Castell

The ancient Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God taken from Russia during the Second World war, returned to Spaso-Borodino monastery is the son of a German officer.

After 77 years the image was returned to the monastery August 6, 2018, a meeting of the Shrine was headed by the Dean of the monasteries of the Moscow diocese, Bishop Serpukhov novel, according to Thomas.

During the life of the founder of the monastery of the mother superior Maria (tuckaway), in the 40-ies of the XIX century, the image was in the altar Philaret the Church of the monastery. After the destruction of the Borodino convent of the nuns managed to save the Shrine.

In October 1941, brought to the German officer who took her to Germany. For 77 years the Shrine was in the North of Bavaria, in the house of count Georg of Castell.

After his parents died, the son of count Wolfgang of Castell made the decision to return the icon to the Spaso-Borodinsky monastery, and helped him in this Benedictine monk Julian.

After the return of the image, he was placed in the Vladimir Cathedral of the monastery.

August 7, after the Liturgy in the Cathedral, Bishop of Serpukhov Roman thanked count Wolfgang of Castell and his wife for the return of the icon. From the mother superior Seraphim (Isaeva) sisters and the couple was given a handwritten image of the Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God.

Earlier in the temples of Syria returned eight icons, kidnapped by militants.

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