The state Duma adopted a law blocking “the Columbine community”


Without trial would be immediately blocked sites “the Columbine community” and other organizations that encourage their children to suicide and harming their health. Relevant law the state Duma adopted in the third reading in plenary on 4 December, according to “Parlamentskaya Gazeta”.

The amendments to article 15.1 of the Law “On information, information technologies and protection of information” and article 5 of the Law “On the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development”.

The author of the initiative the Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya said, speaking before the plenary that the main task — not to allow to involve the child into committal of a crime or make him a victim of a crime.

The MP recalled that already adopted changes in legislation which have allowed to develop new mechanisms to protect children from suicidal content on the Network and their involvement in activities dangerous to their lives.

“Was criminalized in 2017 on the revealed facts filed more than 200 criminal cases. Discontinued operations more than a thousand dangerous groups that were carried out criminal influence on the minds of children. That is actually already working protection measures, rescue of the child, which is the main task of law enforcement authorities”, — said Yarovaya.

With regard to the document adopted today, it provides an additional tool for preventive measures for the prevention of offences related to involvement in clearly illegal acts that endanger life and health of children, and also for the life and health of others.

As noted summer, immediate blocking, not deletion of content gives the possibility of carrying out expeditious actions for establishment of the persons who commit crimes against children, which allow them to establish their whereabouts and bring them to justice when proof of guilt by the court.

“The protection of children, protection of minors has always been and remains a priority for Parliament as a whole and of the faction “United Russia” in particular”, she concluded.

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