The status of the pilgrim and the definition of pilgrimage activities will enshrine in legislation


In the State Duma introduced a bill on protection of believers ‘ rights to visit places of religious significance. One of the authors of the initiative by the head of the Committee on civil society development issues, public and religious organisations Sergey Gavrilov

s=”os” data-field=” paragraph”> The bill is supposed to complement, the Federal law “On freedom of conscience and on religious associations” with a new article about the pilgrimage activities, reports the website of the State Duma.

As noted by Sergey Gavrilov, it is proposed to identify what a pilgrim is a person who makes a journey or trip for the period from 24 hours to six months in a row or performing at least one overnight stay in the place of temporary stay, to visit places of religious worship, religious facilities and participation in religious rites and ceremonies, with the exception of travel for the purpose of recreation and entertainment as well as activities associated with the receipt of income from sources in the place of temporary stay.

It is important that in accordance with the provisions of the bill of pilgrimage activity is the activities of religious organizations:

  • on the organization of pilgrimages to visit places of religious worship and religious facilities located on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad, to participate in religious rites and ceremonies;
  • for the establishment, maintenance and development of international contacts for the organization of pilgrimages.

Organization of pilgrimages may include the organization:

  • location (residence) of the pilgrims;
  • supply the pilgrims with the requirements stipulated by the internal regulations of the religious organizations;
  • transport services for pilgrims;
  • accompany the pilgrims, including the services of guides, guides-interpreters, instructors of conductors;
  • provision of other services related to achieving the goals of the pilgrimage.

“Our bill establishes a socio-legal status of the pilgrim and establishes exclusively religious organizations the right to carry out pilgrimages on paid and free basis, and the participation of the pilgrims in worship services, other religious rites and ceremonies in the places of pilgrimage according to the internal regulations of the religious organizations. This will prevent the believers from unscrupulous organizers of such trips,” — said Sergey Gavrilov.

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