The story of one school harassment and one of criminal precedent

22 Nov. PRAVMIR. In the Russian criminal procedural law precedent – for the first time on the fact of bullying of a child at school is a criminal case. The investigative Committee will conduct an investigation into the inaction of the leadership of the Barnaul school no 101 during the harassment and beatings of the student by other students. The inhabitant of Barnaul Juliana Menshikov told that her son several months suffering the persecution of a group of schoolchildren, and almost every day goes to school, as in war. Leadership and pedsostav Lyceum told her that in this situation to blame the boy who “overreacts to innocuous punches and kicks”. To apologize to the family no one is in front of the teacher began to threaten the woman and blame the fact that she was a bad mother. Juliana decided to fight for my son in the legal field. She turned to the police and Ombudsman and was created in Barnaul public organization designed to protect the rights of students and their parents from any arbitrariness.

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What happened: “the Kids just played in the snow”

The history of bullying his 14-year-old son Elijah in the Barnaul school №101 Juliana Menshikov described November 15 on his page in Facebook. She said that the trouble began with the beginning of this school year. Son regularly began to go home in dirty clothes, but pleaded that he will understand their problems.

Three months later he asked me to buy him brass knuckles to safely walk to school. Then Juliana realized that the situation in time to intervene “has not happened yet terrible.”

She had planned a trip to the Director, but before the son came home with a black eye and a laceration of the lower eyelid – when he once again fought off groups of attackers, he threw a piece of ice.

Juliana was meticulously deal with the situation, appealed to the police viewed the video surveillance and interviewed teachers and classmates.

She found out that all this time her son “lived for war”. A group of children from sixth and seventh grade Elijah chose his victim and almost every night watched a teenager on the street. They attacked him from behind, beaten and then running around helter-skelter, humiliated, insulted and spat upon.

Ulyana quickly found out that the school is aware of this situation was all the classmates, the teachers and management. A woman wrote to the Director and met with teachers and administration. To apologize to the family, they did not. Instead, Elijah accused that he is guilty in the conflict and became a victim as “overreacts to innocuous punches and kicks”. Ulyana at the school accused in the fact that she abandoned son, and the homeroom teacher began to blackmail her inspection on Affairs of minors. Commenting on the recent injury to Ilya, the school said “the kids just played in the snow, it happens.”

“What we have in the dry residue, removing emotions? Classic story-Changeling, when the victim, injured party trying to represent to blame for what happened to her (wearing a short skirt, that she was raped). I am the mother of an injured child in their understanding of the marginal racing around the world for big money, my son need to see a psychologist (and where, in fact, all this time, was the school psychologist?) and those who tortured –great guys of full and adequate family…I know that now begins. And I fear nothing and nobody. And I have broken and always will break the thesis “One man is no man”. Warrior. I hate injustice. I hate insincerity and pandering, I never for a penny didn’t betray friends, and do not leave the weak, never. Never joined the flocks. And you, my son, do not allow it, as long as I live” – sums up Juliana in his post.

The conflict is still not resolved: “Infinite resignation is not the solution”

In an interview with “Pravmiru” Juliana told me that her son had collided with bullying at another school in the city.

“The first was in the fifth grade, and we had from the school to leave, – says Ilya’s mother. – They together with another company of eight people, their classmates, drove for the garage and beat it with sticks. They fought off a grown man, when I saw what was happening. When I found out about it, went to the former class teacher, was the same language, the wine was completely dumped on me and the child, the conflict was hushed up. And the Director of the previous school just got away from me, did not even talk. Now all the same it turns out we were to blame. Moreover, we have in history the history is available”.

Juliana of the story is that to solve the problem with the school was impossible – the administration of the Lyceum do not hear the arguments, and only threatens and declares the fault of the victims themselves.

“From the facts protested, tried to tell me that Ilya should be a psychologist, he’s kind of not the same overreacted…And when I started the transfer Malakhov “Let them talk” I was in a derogatory manner it is said that the characteristics of all defendants, including the victim, in inspection on Affairs of minors will write a classroom teacher, and it will indicate that the mother does not appear in the school, working in Moscow, he is forgotten, pozabroshen. I asked: even if that were the case, there is reason to beat up my child and make fun of him?” – asks the boy’s mother.

Juliana now finds it necessary to gather and discuss the situation with classmates of Ilia and those students who bullied her son — they should be made from both parents and from the schools and juvenile delinquency.

“And I want to school I had apologized. I don’t want to fire anyone, any scandal lights up and calms down, this is normal. But I want adequately of the measures taken, an apology and the cessation of this persecution. Infinite care is not the solution. All will be very easy, simply and well: “finally disposed of”. If children will not be punished, I mean, if they do not receive the pedagogical action of the parent, they will understand that it is possible with impunity to do everything and, in principle, the system for them, not for someone to beat. They realize that the victim is guilty anyway. And it can be a very sad story,” — said Menshikov.


Summary at the moment: a New social organization and case criminal case

The story of the persecution of the Lyceum received the big public resonance – the story Ulyana census almost 28 thousand people, about this case written by regional and Federal mass media. After that, in the administration of Barnaul was created an interdepartmental Commission to investigate the incident.

The next day after the publication, the Investigative Committee said that it would conduct verification of information on bullying. 22 Nov SK Altai region opened a criminal case about negligence of the management of the Lyceum, which is accused of inaction during the persecution of the teenager.

This is the first in Russia criminal case on the fact of bullying in school.

The investigators found that from September to November 2018, the group of the Lyceum pupils were systematically abused 14-year-old student, applying “psychological and physical violence.” This case, according to the UK, not a single, at school bullied other children.

“These circumstances were known to the officials and teaching staff of educational institutions, however, any measures to resolve the situation from their side was not taken”, – stated in the message of Investigatory Committee.

Now law enforcement officials are studying documents and records of surveillance cameras. The investigators intend “to give a principled legal assessment of the inaction of the officials of the Lyceum.”

Uliana decided to raise this issue and to unite parents of children who suffer similar abuse. A woman created a new public organization “parents’ Committee of the city of Barnaul”, which is designed to protect the rights of students and their parents from the tyranny of any property, including the “bullying” harassment and bullying from peers and teachers. The founding meeting of the Committee held on 22 November.

A group of like-minded Ulyana Menshikova was joined by Director of Fund of support of social programs “Do Good” — the Deputy of the Barnaul municipal Duma Evgenie Barsukov (Chairman of the Board of the fathers of the Central district), local entrepreneur Alex len’kiv, as well as parents of students subjected to harassment. In all human rights initiatives Menshikovs family supports responsible for the rights of the child in Altay territory Olga Kazantseva.

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