The stranger helped the boy to gather in the school – 20 years ago, such assistance has changed her life

The single mother from Florida, received an offer of help from the unknown woman. 20 years ago a random person paid for her tuition in College, and now she wants to return the good. This and other good news in the collection “Pravmir”.


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Box with school stuff from the mysterious stranger

Single mom from Florida shared her story with her. She wrote the stranger and offered assistance to buy school supplies for her son.

“My son is 7 years old, he entered the second class,” said Billy portal Bored Panda. A woman raising a child alone, working in 3 places while learning. “Of course it’s hard, I work for two. Honestly, we couldn’t have done it without the help of our friends and family.”

One day she wrote to an unknown woman and offered to help.

“You don’t know me, but I read the latest posts in the community <…> search single moms,” wrote the stranger. She told me that she wants to make a gift to her and her son, and asked him to send her a list of the necessary school things. The stranger had one condition – to preserve her anonymity and once in response to do a good deed for a stranger.

“20 years ago a man saw my name in a newspaper article about a girl who lives in <…>.

He called the University where I did, and told them that all the money he donated should be directed to my training for the next 4 years. It was $75000.

He refused to meet with me and left the phone, we only communicate through letters written by hand,” he told the stranger about himself.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve such a gift, but it changed my life. I wouldn’t be able to get an education, as they were very poor. I received a bachelor of science degree without debt. I have a good life. This is my way to return to your duty,” she wrote.

“It won’t change your life it changed mine, but perhaps not for long will make it a little brighter,” added the stranger.

Box of stuff

Billy agreed to help and soon received a box of stuff for my son. “It had everything I needed for school and something else – a pair of new shoes. Super saver and I almost never buy brand new things. My son will be very happy”.

7 working days a week for dresses for prom daughter

Ricky Smith, 36 years old, he has three fast-food restaurants six days a week to feed his family. When his fourteen-year-old daughter Nevah said that she wants a dress for $200, he replied that it would be difficult, but promised to think about.

Ricky began to take jobs and work seven days a week, to please a daughter. Finally, he was able to arrange a surprise for my daughter – to give her a dream dress.

Touching moment when Navaha first sees her outfit for the prom, took video of the girl’s mother Kelly Ann. The video became popular on the Internet, it had been viewed more than 13 million people.

Toothpaste and the Bible – a gift from the reception girls to children from foster families

Blood parents of A six-year-old Laia from US was a drug addict, and a girl often passed from one foster family to another. “That wasn’t fun, but I had to go through that, I was a foster child until I was adopted”, – said the girl.

In the Robinson family, who took A Laia to the family, immediately realized that their child is special.

Photo: A Layah”s Lemonade for Love / Facebook

“She had money from birthday and Christmas, she put them aside and wanted to buy a jeep for Barbie,” says the girl’s mother, misty Robinson. “Right after her birthday the tornado hit, and she said she wants to give all the money affected by the disaster to the family that we know.”

The girl continued to help others and came up with the action “Lemonade for love”. She sells home-made lemonade and used the money to buy gifts for children from foster families.

“I collect toothpaste and toothbrush, a blanket, a Teddy bear and the Bible” – says the girl. “I put it in, so they can feel special and read about Jesus in the Bible.”

A girl and her promotion became popular, and thus more children are receiving support. In may, A Laya and her friends in 9 hours at the festival Artesian Arts Festival sold lemonade for $1 805 – this amount is enough for backpacks for 180 children from the foster families.

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