The success of the Singapore summit, obliged the prayers of Korean Christians

Christians around the world believe that the Singapore summit was held thanks to decades of prayers and sacrifices of the underground Christians of North Korea.

At the end of the Singapore summit, Donald trump and Kim Jong UN signed the framework agreement on nuclear disarmament. They both know they are waiting for a lot of months of difficult negotiations before peace and prosperity will come to the Korean Peninsula. Between the two leaders began a friendly relationship, and this may be the greatest achievement of the summit. The people of Singapore say that for them a great joy and honor, what a historical event for the consolidation of peace in the world is happening on their territory. China, Japan and South Korea have done a lot in order to organize this summit. But Christians around the world believe his success was due to the prayers of the Korean believers.

Pastor Jerome Ocampo recalls how at the conference “the Ascent of the prayer,” in South Korea in 2016 young Church leaders from various countries gathered at the border with North Korea. They asked God to reunite the Korean Peninsula. Though human rights and religious freedom was not the main theme of the Singapore summit, pastor Jerome believes that disarmament can pave the way for a higher purpose.

“We must not stop nuclear disarmament. We must pray for freedom for believers in North Korea,” he says.

In 1907 in the North Korean capital, Pyongyang, an awakening occurred. All the more horrible by the fact that today in this country is the strongest persecution of Christians. A missionary from North Korea Kwang Choi, in his book “I don’t mind if I die” says that they were brainwashed from childhood into believing that “Christianity is a tool of subjugation of small and weak Nations of the imperialist United States and their puppet government in South Korea. Christians in North Korea were destroyed in prison camps before the start of the Korean war in the fifties”. That’s why Christians believe that the meeting between us President with the leader of North Korea is a miracle.

Pastor Jerome had a dream about Kim Chen Yne two weeks before the conference, “the Ascent of the prayer” in 2016

“Kim Jong Ynu had a dream. He woke up one morning and someone approached him. Maybe it was God. The voice said to him: “You want to be remembered as a Korean who destroyed Korea or as a Korean who has United North and South Korea?” In my dream he suddenly made a choice and said, “I’m Korean, which will unite North and South Korea,” says pastor Jerome Ocampo.

That’s why pastor Jerome calls Christians to pray for change in the Kim Jong Yne.

“I believe that today, God shows that He got through to his heart – and could do more. We will not be able to remember what Kim did in the past, and we will always remember the history of this regime. But I believe that being a “millennial”, it is the only one who is capable of change. If we pray for change, to believe that God can bring them, one day we will see a unified Korea. One day, we’ll see how Pyongyang will invite believers and how God will again reveal His glory, perhaps in a new revival throughout Korea,” he says.

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