First, he gave up his criminal lifestyle, and then from Islam to follow Christ. Now this musician has been singing songs of praise and worship. It uses the popular Christian music to preach the gospel, and trying to explain to Muslims that, according to the Quran, Jesus is the way to God.

Today Saiful well known for having played Sandansky music on this folk instrument. But in another he was known in his youth. After graduation from school of Saiful began to extort money from people, using even physical violence to get what he wanted.

“But I abandoned it when I found out that the gang is hunting a sniper. Some of my friends killed. I was so scared I might be next, that ran away from our village,” — says the musician-Evangelist.

Saiful decided to take refuge in the house of his father, but didn’t know where to find it, because haven’t seen him in several years. The guy was surprised when in the end found his father in the Christian community.

“We, Sunda, an ardent adherent of Islam, explains Saiful. — So I started to convince my father to return to Islam. But my father said, “No, you can’t. If you want to learn about Christianity, read the Bible, because I can’t answer.”

Saiful returned home and began to read the Bible, which he gave to father. The guy felt comforted by reading the verse Matthew 11:28, “Come unto Me… and I will give you rest.”

“At that time I was so scared and worried said to God: “I will believe in you if You can give me rest.” I also opened up the verse John 14:6 “I am the way and the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father except through Me,” he says.

Saiful convinced that his father made the right choice. He also decided to follow Christ.

“From that moment on, everything changed. I stopped being afraid,” says Saiful.

The man returned to his village a different person. He began to serve God, playing folk music and thus attracting people in their community. It is a music center where Mr. Saiful teaches and performs folk music. It’s part of what he calls the context service: it evangelizare in the context of popular culture.

“I believe that God gave me musical ability and I can bring people to God, using the music that is close to their heart,” says Saiful.

Muslims such as Dedi, I love the music of Saiful.

“These songs give me peace. Wife, Saiful told me their deep meaning. So I’m introduced to Christianity and know that Jesus is God. Believing in Jesus, I shared my faith with my family. They also regularly read the Quran. I showed them Jesus in the Qur’an and told them that Jesus is the way to God. The Koran can lead people to the Jesus of the Bible,” says Dedi, member of the music Ministry, Saiful.

And if radical Muslims to calculate the Saiful an apostate and try to hurt him for his faith?

“I’m not afraid for to me to live is Christ and to die is gain, says Saiful. — When people come to me to Express their protest, I see this as an opportunity to say to them: “what was my mistake? I want to tell you that Islam taught me and showed me the true path to eternal happiness. This way — only ISA al-masih, Jesus.”

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