In the political Department of the CBN News followed the elections from the beginning. Chief political correspondent David Brody and reporter in Washington, jenna Browder talk about the role of Evangelical Christians in the victory trump.

Jenna Browder, a reporter for CBN News Washington: One of the groups of voters who helped to hold Donald trump at the White house, have become Evangelical Christians. We have here for you some numbers. Trump received 81% of the votes of white voters-evangelicals. This is more than George Bush and MITT Romney.
At the same time, Clinton received 16% of the votes of white voters-evangelicals. And in 2012… Let’s look at these numbers: MITT Romney got 78%. Again, Donald trump is 81% — as much as 3% more votes. That’s a lot.

Political correspondent David Brody: But Obama’s numbers were better than Clinton with the evangelicals. So in the end trump, approximately 8% more of the votes of Evangelical Christians, which is a lot.

There are some other figures. As already mentioned, only the white, born again evangelicals is 81%. But in Florida for trump voted 85% of white, born-again Evangelical Christians in North Carolina and 82%. And these are the two key state, which won the trump.

Jenna Browder: do you Think it fair to say that, in many ways, evangelicals have allowed Donald Trump to take the White house?

David Brody: I’ll say even more. I think it is much more than “many”. I believe that it is thanks to them that Donald trump was in the White house. They’re the only reason he initially became a presidential candidate.
Remember super Tuesday. South Carolina and many other States have put it in the first place, although South Carolina did not vote in the super Tuesday. But the fact that he won the sympathy of Evangelical Christians. They have identified him as the nominee. Earlier we talked about the fact that he would need more than 80% of their votes to win the presidential election. And here is the result.

Jenna Browder: it was put forward many arguments in his favor. Donald trump gave evangelicals a reason to come to the polls. Let’s talk about some of them.

Obviously, it is a question of the Supreme court. Donald trump promised to appoint very conservative judges to the Supreme court. This is an important question. Let’s see who he will appoint. He already has a list of about ten people, so he will take a decision very quickly.

David Brody: I Want to say one more thing. You very rightly said, the key word. He “promised” to choose one of these names. This is an unprecedented case. I believe it is very helpful for evangelicals to make a decision. They thought, “Can I trust this person? And, here are the people he plans to appoint! Well, this gives us some confidence that he’ll do the right thing”.

Jenna Browder: Absolutely. Besides the question of the Supreme court, there is also its position on issues such as abortion. They have Hillary Clinton was opposing positions on this issue. I think that, as evangelicals and other Christians, said: “We can not maintain this policy in respect of late-term abortions”.

David Brody: And at the last debate Donald trump is actually all over the country explained the procedure of abortion in the later stages. No one never did that. Reagan didn’t, Bush didn’t and Romney didn’t do it! So that was awesome.

Jenna Browder: I want to talk a little bit about Mike Pence. It is very popular among evangelicals. We spoke with him about a week before election day. And I noticed one interesting detail — in the bus of his staff was the Bible! And I thought that it should say a lot about his character.

David Brody: I think so too. And its role, obviously, was huge. He was the reason that Donald trump has given the voice of some of the evangelicals. We saw the figure of 81%. I think it would not be without Mike Pence. I think it would be 75-78%, but it wouldn’t be enough. Take, for example, Florida or North Carolina. Such Grand figures like 85% or 82% Mike Pence would not be.

Jenna Browder: And there was a lot of talk about the fact that many Republicans over the last couple of weeks as if returned to the bosom of his native Republican party and voted for Donald trump. I think these events are interrelated. I believe that Mike Pence was able to reassure and convince many Christians to vote for Donald trump. However, not only is Mike Pence, and many other people that are surrounding yourself with Donald trump. This is Mike Huckabee, and Ben Carson. They are all very principled and highly respected people in the Evangelical circles.

David Brody: Absolutely, and I think we will see Mike Huckabee and Ben Carson in the administration of the trump in one way or another. Ben Carson is sure to become the Minister of health and social security, or maybe the Minister of education. And Mike Huckabee, as suggested by some, could be his chief of staff. Well, maybe Raines Pribus. Chris Christie might be. But I think Chris Christie would rather be led by the Ministry of justice. Perhaps he would be the attorney General.

Jenna Browder: how about newt Gingrich?

David Brody: newt Gingrich, I think, will become Secretary of state.

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