The Supreme court dismissed the charges and quashed the death sentence of Asia Bibi

Asia Bibi, a Christian that was sentenced to death for blasphemy, was finally released after 10 years in prison. On Wednesday, the Supreme court shocked the world when he took off all the charges and was saved from death by hanging.

The struggle for the life of Asia Bibi began in 2009, when she went for water to the farm. Two Muslim women refused to drink from a vessel that used Bibi because she was a Christian. Later, the mob accused her of blasphemy. Relatives and lawyers of the women said that she never uttered blasphemy against Muhammad. Lawyers gladly accepted her release, but so far they say that Asiya is still in danger.

“We should celebrate the fact that the trial is over. Asia is fully justified and acquitted of charges of blasphemy. This is an important decision for all Christians in Pakistan. But I want to remind people that they prayed. Now, Asia Bibi is in a safe place. However, we need to leave in a safe country, says Jordan Sekulow, the American center for law and justice. — Pray for the small Christian community in Pakistan. Now the streets rise riots because of this decision. Pray as well about security for the lawyers and judges of the Muslims in the Supreme court of Pakistan. They did the right thing”.

Family of Asia Bibi prays all the glory for her deliverance to God.

MHN: Special CBN correspondent Gary lane have been many times in Pakistan. He met with the family of Asia Bibi and worked together with the “Voice of the martyrs”, to draw attention to her case. Today he is with us. Gary, were you glad when you heard the news. And how it responded to the Christians, the Pakistani Christians?

Gary Lane:

Oh, Yes! I’m happy! Just received this news and Pakistani Christians. They thank God. In addition, they are grateful the Supreme court of Pakistan, who let her go. Wendy, actually, this news had lifted their spirits, because for a long 9.5 years this woman has been in prison. She was sitting in solitary confinement. Some say that she may have early stages of dementia. Besides, she had other health problems. But now she’s free. They are happy, but at the same time anxious of what might happen.

MHN: since we raised this question: whether the decision to endanger other Christians in Pakistan?

The whole country may be under attack. Now Muslims all over Pakistan are rebelling. They block the road, do not let the train. Because of this, people have to close shop. People worry about what might happen. Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “If you break the law, it will not be good Muslims. You are against Pakistan and you will be punished by law”. That is why the religious leaders and the head of counterintelligence are in talks about how to calm the crowd.

MAN: Gary, could this case be the beginning of the end for Pakistan’s blasphemy laws? After all, they Assiya were in prison.

No. I don’t think it’s possible. Most Christians feel the same way, because many militant Muslims using these laws against Christians and even against other Muslims in disputes. The best option — a softening of the law. In this case, if someone falsely accused you and it will be proved that you were falsely accused, the accusers, too, awaits trial on blasphemy law.

MHN: how are we, the body of Christ, can now support prayer Asia and her family in Pakistan?

We should pray for the security of Asia, and also about the safety of her family. But most importantly, we prayed for the safety of Christians in Pakistan. Now they have closed their businesses, worried about the resurrection and services. Also pray that they were safe in their churches. And pray for Pakistan as a whole. Pray that God’s Spirit is poured out on this country. The more the persecution, the faster the growth of the Church.

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