The Swedish ships sailed to Israel to support persecuted Christians

A group of Christians from Sweden went on a ship to the Holy land, to speak on behalf of persecuted believers in the middle East and to bring blessing to the Jewish people. The idea is to support Israel came to the captain of the ship during a prayer Breakfast in Jerusalem in 2017.

When a vessel of length more than 30 meters into the Harbor of Herzliya, a lot of other boats, yachts and even windsurfers welcomed him, misleading MAN.

“I saw a fleet coming towards us from Herzliya. I thought, how many of them? Two, three, four, five? In the end, we were completely surrounded by large and small vessels. And I asked myself, part of what we are”, — says the press-Secretary of the mission “Elida” Karen Nitat.

On Board the ship called “Elida” emblazoned inscription: “Sailing for Jesus”. The ship arrived from Sweden for two reasons.

“We want to show our solidarity, to support the Christian minority in the middle East who are experiencing persecution, says Nitot. — His going to sea, we want to raise our voice and say – listen to others who left. This place is the cradle of Christianity. But Christians here, there are very few, because they are killed for the faith. We didn’t know where we can go with that message, and the only answer was Israel. First of all, everyone can see our sign on the side of the vessel — “We are for Jesus.” In the middle East there is no country that would open its port to the us. Israel is also the only country in the middle East, where the number of Christians increases. We want to support Israel in this.”

This idea called for captain Stephen Abrahamson during a prayer Breakfast in Jerusalem. He says that if the waiter had a few words with him, which he did not expect.

“You are a Christian, you are a Swede and you love Israel? I’ve never met such a man before.” And I said, “In Sweden a lot of people who love Israel,” says the captain, “Elida” Stefan Abrahamson. — Returning home after this prayer Breakfast, I felt I had to do something. You can’t just sit still and do nothing. For me love is not what you need to say is that you need to show you.”

The desire to do something to become a historical trip to Israel on a special mission.

“I tell people, “Hey, you here for a reason, God gave you the 10 commandments and the Torah – and this is the most beautiful gift that you brought to the world.” Perhaps they did not hear this from Christians, especially from Sweden. But I believe with all my heart that it is. As a Christian, I must support Israel, support the values for which they fight. I pray for a warming of relations between Jews and Christians. I believe that what we are doing now, we are called to do the Lord,” says Abrahamson,” shares, Abrahamson.

“Elida” has attracted the attention of many in Israel. Today on Board sea scouts from Israel to see with their own eyes. They raised the anchor, steering the ship and enjoyed the trip.

“When people climb on Board, they meet with us and feel the love and friendship. It changes the heart. Little by little we change their hearts. Some even were crying, and one team member said that they seemed starved for attention from Sweden,” she continues.


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