The Synodal Department for charity has sent funds Dushanbe diocese at the opening of a soup kitchen and center for humanitarian aid

The Bishop of Dushanbe and Tajikistan, and Pitirim of the Synodal Department Polina Yufereva at the meeting with the parishioners of St. Nicholas Cathedral of Dushanbe

The Synodal Department for charity gave the Dushanbe diocese of 310 thousand rubles for the purchase of equipment for the soup kitchen, 300 thousand on the establishment of a centre for humanitarian aid and 120 thousand rubles to purchase beds and equipment for the diocesan orphanage for children. Help handed to an employee of the Department Polina Yufereva: within 10 days she bought equipment, passed food assistance and visited families in need of compatriots in remote areas. Soon the Synodal Department plans to launch a new program of targeted assistance to compatriots in Tajikistan, according to Diakonia.

“It affects the poverty in which people live. Many remain without permanent housing, because living in dormitories, barracks, – says the head of direction assistance in an emergency of the Synodal Department for charity Polina Yufereva. – Water and gas have no, I drink water from irrigation channels in the villages. Single persons with disabilities and the elderly living on a pension of two thousand roubles, the half pay for utilities. Food – souplantation and milk. Children, half-starved, don’t go to school”.

During the visit, Polina Yufereva and employees of the Dushanbe diocese visited Dushanbe, Kurgan-Tyube, the villages in which they live Russian family, and the diocesan orphanage for children from families in crisis.

Dilapidated houses inhabited by Russian families in Kurgan-Tyube

Since 2012, Dushanbe diocese organises free Lunches for the poor. Lunch is arranged on holidays and consists only of the “second” dishes for more money is not enough. Over a month ago, the Synodal Department for charity has opened a fundraiser to help the compatriots living in difficult circumstances in Tajikistan. The donations, 310 thousand rubles, the diocese has purchased the equipment and ordered the furniture for the soup kitchen in Dushanbe. In October, the Church will begin regular feedings needing a full three course dinners.

In addition to equipment for the dining room, in the framework of the program “Assistance to compatriots in Tajikistan” provides delivery of food packages to needy families, single mothers and elderly people living in remote villages. The staff of the Synodal Department and the Dushanbe diocese bought 100 food packages in the amount of 100 thousand rubles – these funds transferred to the charity Fund “Spring”. With him the Synodal Department for charity signed a contract for regular purchase of products for needy people in Tajikistan. As part of the set – the chicken, sugar, buckwheat, rice, pasta, two cans of condensed milk, a pack of eggs, two liters of sunflower oil. 75 food packages distributed in Dushanbe, 25 in Kurgan-Tyube.

Delivery of food packages to poor families in Dushanbe

During his stay in Tajikistan Polina Yufereva, along with the staff of the diocese visited the Russian family in Dushanbe, Kurgan-Tyube and in the village of Kazi-Kala. According to the representative of the Synodal Department for charity, many families live in houses in disrepair, without water and gas, food and medicines they lack.

One of the families visited by the staff of the Synodal Department and the diocese, the family of Irina Suvorova. She lives in barracks on the base in Dushanbe. “Irina, her husband left her and went to Russia 18 years ago. Daughter Irina died of cancer, leaving three children. The only breadwinner in the family – father, grandchildren of Irene. He works, brings money, a pittance, most of which pay for rent,” – said Polina Yufereva.

Family Irina Suvorova living in the barracks on the depot in Dushanbe

In each family, a representative of the Synodal Department together with employees of the diocese clarify actual needs for further assistance. “Now we’re building the actual database of families in need. We went home and tried to understand what help is needed in each specific case, because everyone has their own difficulties and problems”, – said Polina Yufereva.

The Synodal Department for charity gave the Dushanbe diocese of 300 thousand rubles for the establishment of a centre for humanitarian aid, where single mothers and large families will be able to obtain women’s and children’s clothing, diapers, toys, Housewares. For the centre has already ordered the equipment and necessary furniture. Also the Synodal Department gave 120 thousand rubles on the diocesan orphanage, where the children from families in crisis: the money, the diocese purchased a crib, clothes, school supplies and a washing machine.

The plans of the Synodal Department for charity is to organize a program of targeted assistance to specific needy families of compatriots in Tajikistan.

To help needy compatriots in Tajikistan by sending an SMS donation with the word YOUR in room 3443. For Example, “My 300”.

Other methods of payment listed on the official website of the Synodal Department for charity. There, in the section “Help the poor”, will publish reports on the expenditure of funds under the program “Assistance to compatriots in Tajikistan”.

Earlier, in April 2018, the Synodal Department for charity has transferred 300 thousand rubles for the needy Dushanbe diocese: funds were used to purchase food packages to patients of the psychiatric hospital, the treatment, and targeted assistance to the poor – the wards of the social Department of the diocese.

A significant percentage of Russian-speaking people in Tajikistan, living in poverty, living under hard conditions. According to the July monitoring Research Institute for social policy, HSE, Russia, Tajikistan ranks the lowest real level of wages of all the countries of the former Soviet Union.

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