The Synodal Department for charity launches training course the Church of sign language interpreters


On 30 September, the international day of the deaf, launched a new educational course on Russian sign language, reports Diakoniai. He will open the divine Liturgy with sign language translation for the Orthodox communities of the deaf in Trinity Church at the Institute. N. In. Sklifosovsky in Moscow. The service will be headed by Chairman of the Synodal Department for charity Bishop of Orekhovo-Zuevo Panteleimon. The course will focus on the translation of the divine services of the daily round, of the gospel texts, and especially the organization of activities of the Liturgy with parishioners experiencing hearing problems.

“The new course is necessary for those who already have practical experience of translation into Russian sign language and is familiar with basic Orthodox vocabulary, – said the head on work with the disabled of the Synodal Department for charity Veronica Leontyeva. Within three years we were preparing the Church and the clergy in different regions of Russia, the program of the 1st and 2nd levels of Educational-methodical center of all-Russian society of the deaf. Now for the first time we organize training 3rd level: only for specialized professionals at Church sign language”.

A refresher course designed specifically for practitioners of the ecclesiastical translators of Russian sign language. Such translators can be both priests and lay people: social workers, catechists who have practical experience with deaf people.

A new course created by experts of the coordination centre for work with deaf and hard of hearing of the Synodal Department for charity, the national society for the deaf and St. Tikhon Orthodox humanitarian University (pstgu). Those who successfully pass the exam will receive a certificate of pstgu of professional development standard pattern.

The course is organized with the support of the International grant competition “Orthodox initiative 2017-2018”.

Classes will be held in Sergiev Posad. Tuition, accommodation and meals free of charge. Travel expenses of the participants – at their own expense. Enroll in the course – at the end of the contest. For participation it is necessary till August 30, to fill the form available at the link. You can ask questions by e-mail to the curators of the course: Veronika V. Leontyeva ([email protected]), Fefelova Olga V. ([email protected]).

We will remind that earlier Russian courses sign language was carried out by the Synodal Department for charity in conjunction with the all-Russian society of the deaf in Tomsk (11-17 may 2015 and October 2015), Kursk (from 29 June to 8 July 2015 and 18-24 July 2016), Nizhny Novgorod (March 20-26 2017) and Rostov-on-don (10-19 July 4-10 September 2017).

The work of the Church with the deaf and deaf-blind people is currently being done in 65 Orthodox churches and communities. Produced manuals, videos and translations of the gospel texts with commentaries in Russian sign language.

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