The teacher creates the soul

From childhood we teach something: at first the parents at home, teachers in kindergarten and then teacher at the school. It is no secret that the personality of the teacher depends largely on whether the student will have mastered the material, will love whether he is the subject of study, whether self-deepen the knowledge acquired.

I was very lucky with teachers. They are invested in the learning process is the heart, conveying not only scientific knowledge but also nurturing in us a polite and cultured people.

How to “program” children into good?

I will forever remember as my high school teacher Nina S. Yershov told little realistic stories, inspiring the class to make life in our small town better.

Once she shared that through the city was holding a banana skin, because have not met any of the boxes. And, not daring to throw leftover food (“still rot!”) in the ditch, she brought the garbage home. We, eighth graders, then wanted to grow — and to put the boxes everywhere, our city was clean. Undoubtedly, what says the teacher, shape our souls.

The most interesting Tutorial!

When I was 8 years old, in school, we read excerpts from children’s Bible about Moses, about Jesus Christ… In one of my classes the teacher mentioned that the local shop has a complete collection of such stories. You cannot imagine with what joy and thirst for knowledge of the little girl read her first book about the Creator! Yeah, mom bought it at my persistent request. She still remembers her surprise: “In this children’s Bible was about three hundred pages… Which should be interesting, the book is almost without pictures, to the second grade enjoyed reading it all my free time?!”

Inspiration for success

Someone call the Bible the Textbook of Life. Most importantly, what the Bible teaches — love, support and respect. In this Book, the reader learns about the good Father, able to resolve difficulties applied to Him for an earthly child. She talks about the Son of God, Teacher and Savior Jesus Christ, deeply interested in the inner world of each soul.

This is very important because only a person with calm confidence that he is accepted and loved by Someone strong and kind, capable of great achievements for the benefit of the people, including in the field of science.

“First Love — then Teach”

It is known that until the beginning of XX century most scientists believed in a Creator Who governs the Universe according to certain laws. It is the confidence that everything in the world is not chaotic, motivated them to study what we call the laws of physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, genetics, etc.

God was the Teacher for these scientists. It can be a source of wisdom, love and support and for each modern teacher.

In this difficult time, sometimes, children lose the motivation to study and even to life itself due to the fact that they are, they feel not valued, not respected, not like… “Why then to live and especially to learn if all I care about?” Myself feeling love and care of Heavenly Father each new day, teachers (and parents) are filled from the inside and is able to give his players not only from the textbook, but also warmth, motivating children to learn better, to be kinder and boldly “to build a bright future.”

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