The team of “Steiger” (Ukraine) will hold a revival on Valentine’s day, where you tell people about the love of God

So many people who do not know God and need His love. February 14 is the day of lovers, and the “Steiger”(Ukraine) at this time will hold a revival where you will tell people about how much God loves them. On this day, passers-by will be handed “message” about love.

“Very soon February and the whole world celebrates Valentine’s day. We see in this celebration an opportunity to speak on the streets about who showed the example of true love — shares the team on his page in Facebook.

The basis team will take a jar of “messages” from God. In the “heart of the predictions of” fit quotes by famous people about love, and Bible verses. During the evangelization of the passers-by will be offered free of charge to get a wish, prediction,. People can get the message from any of hearts to choose from, or you can get two at once. Then people will continue the conversation on this topic. Talking to people about the content of the message and explaining the meaning of the verse from the Bible, you go to preaching the gospel and praying for the man.”

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