The teenager came to kill – what the school does. Spoiler: nothing

October 17 in Kerch Polytechnic College there was a mass murder – a young man caused an explosion and fire on the students. This murder has become one of the largest number of victims. What we expect from a psychologist, what should parents and teachers and whether the school adequately to resist the aggression of teenagers?

A scene from the movie “the basketball Diaries”

  • Why teen kills
  • The destruction of the offenders or the destruction itself out, which the child finds one
  • 8 signs of a future tragedy: how to understand what the teenager is ready to kill
  • “In our class, too, have a boy” – how to prevent new Kerch
  • Run away, hide or fight – what to do with the shooting at the school

One of the main issues was the creation of a single helpline for parents of adolescents and young people to contact them when they feel that their family or friends something going on. Another problem is the work of psychologists. Now in school to be a psychologist, there are 2.5 school – about 800 children. The real work can not speak, – said the first Deputy Chairman of the Russian peace Foundation Yelena sutormina at a press conference in TASS.

According to the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Council of the CIS anti-terrorist center of Marianna Kochubey, one of the main problems is that many people consider attention to others as something of a denunciation, and they are “not whistleblowers”.

– We tell them that it is not that we should be more attentive to others, to notice treatment. And the need for this hotline. But if approached with such a situation, it first checks to see a psychologist. For example, it turns out that the teenager had a knife and his classmates saw it.

Experts say: sometimes it appears that people usually told friends about their intentions. In this situation, the children should report suspicious statements at least for parents, teachers. But usually they take these words as a joke, although there have been direct statements.

It is unlikely that the school will be able to determine the tendency of a teenager to murder

Elena Segolela, psychologist, Ph. D., associate Professor, Vice-rector for educational-methodical work of MAOU DPO IPK, Novokuznetsk

Elena Magalenha

Prevention and prevention of various forms of destructive behavior (illegal activities, suicide attempts) is a matter of every citizen in the case when we encounter the phenomenon. For this, each of us should know the algorithm of response in complex and emergency situations, in which authorities we can turn to for help (social security, police or other).

Control of deviant behavior of the child is the basic responsibility of a parent, although the school does not assume this function. Currently, each school developed and implemented a program to prevent self-destructive and illegal behavior of students. The program includes class hours, personal development training, educational activities with parents extracurricular work, including the development of personal qualities, skills of constructive conflict resolution. There are identified groups of children who may be prone to dependent behavior, illegal, suicidal behavior.

Defines a risk group for which you are developing a separate programme of activities.

It is unlikely that a school psychologist or a teacher will probably determine the tendency of a teenager to commit such illegal actions as the shooting of their classmates. Cases such as in Kerch, fortunately rare and requires a psychiatric assessment.

Another thing is to see some personality, behavioral signs that we may be alerted. The teacher or the class teacher can tell the teacher-psychologist who, in turn, may recommend the parents to seek help at the psychological center, where specialists work a more narrow profile.

If a psychologist of the center suspects that there is some deviation, it sends on the advice of a psychiatrist.

After such cases, as in Kerch, you can always say that you need to see and where we could go. However, in our society, there is no training of teaching staff in the field of psychopathology and to identify deviations in the development of a layman are not able to. The school has the right only to recommend to the parents certain actions, but cannot oblige them to carry out psychological or psychiatric examination of the child.

The main thing is to ensure the safety of children

Alexander Soskov, a primary school teacher in the past – the Deputy Director on UVR, Novosibirsk

Alexander Soskov

Specific instructions on how to behave in such a situation, no. There are a number of requirements related to the procedure of actions in case of emergency. Such coaching takes place regularly, the social teacher, psychologist, Director. They’re control in this area and training, informing teachers, parents and students.

The school has a security checkpoint, access control, metal detector, duty administrator and teacher, who all day are at the entrance, on duty on the floors. There are a number of emergency numbers that we are obliged to call in the event of the alleged attack.

The teacher learns about the impending crime, must report it to the school administration. The administration in the person of the Director or the Director of studies manages to take action. The nature of the measures depends on the urgency. The main thing is to ensure the safety of children and staff, and children in the first place. A call to the relevant authorities, then inform the teachers evacuation. Planned evacuation drills are held regularly several times a year.

About the readiness of teachers and psychologists to a situation similar to that which occurred in Kerch, it is difficult to judge.

It is impossible to foresee everything. Always have to take nonstandard decisions in the here and now.

In schools there are also plans for educational work, aimed at the prevention and detection of offences, but their execution depends on the particular organization and leadership, on how faithfully the administration. Teachers, for the most part, carry out these instructions because you have to deal with kids directly. I have worked in multiple organizations, safety was always the priority, and not only on paper, but in real business. At school, little random people, teachers love the children and sincerely care about their well-being.

Diagnosis need the time, but in reality everything is different

Anna Usoltseva, psychologist, coach, business programs and personal growth:

In reality, unfortunately, in school many things very hard to realize. Diagnosis needs to constantly do it according to plan, so it is not always possible to identify a predisposition to it. After identified high rates of aggression and depression, we are working on improving the moral climate in the collective and individual work. In reality it’s different, therefore it is necessary to conduct prevention among parents and teachers in the first place, and then to work with children, then the result will be.

Need, at a minimum, interviews with teachers, workshops, parent meetings, where will be discussed about the features of adolescence, about covert and overt aggression, suicidal, etc about how to interact with children during this period.

I would personally have spent the immersion of an adult in their child and adolescent state and helped to cope with personal pain of the one age stage to an adult with different eyes looked at the teenager. Usually, this immersion can be done in both individual and group work.

To prevent also developed a special psycho-correction programs separately for adults and adolescents. Sometimes make programs for mixed groups involving children and adults, and they change places.

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