The total abolition of pensions would be a step towards immortality – the Russians are kidding about raising the retirement age

The government has approved raising the retirement age – we have compiled the best jokes on the subject.

  • To work to the bitter
  • Pensions – why then it will be even worse
  • What’s wrong with raising the retirement age in Russia
  • “Women are much more family-friendly, homely burden” – 5 facts about pension reform from the Minister
  • Raising the retirement age is contrary to the Constitution?

The government listened to all suggestions…

…used scientific data…

…and approved the increase in the retirement age. Now retirement will look like this:

Future retirees argue, what else can you do for the Pension Fund:

Primarily the increase has affected women for their pension can be a further 8 years. They are cheerful and are looking for the secret of eternal youth.

Most of all those rejoice who retired already out.

Others are looking for ways to bring it soon.

Someone is waiting for…

…and someone in it just does.

Pension reform is a time machine.

Soon in the news:


And the government has offered a new reform.


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