The TV channel “inter” gave the occasion to more than 1,600 orphans

The pupils of the Zaporozhye regional specialized children’s home “Solnyshko” accept gifts

In the framework of the campaign “give a miracle!” the Ukrainian TV channel “inter” together with the audience gathered for children from orphanages of Ukraine New year gifts.

1638 pupils Vyshgorod children’s home “Lovage”, the Zaporozhye regional specialized children’s home “sun” and the Kharkiv regional children’s home № 2 have received from the hands of the employees of the TV channel “inter” new year’s gifts, reported on the website of the channel.

The gifts were collected in the framework of the campaign “give a miracle!” the third time which was held in the shopping centers “Karavan” in Kiev, Dnipro and Kharkiv. In each of these SEC employees inter have arranged a special area where everyone could bring gifts to lonely children.

Get in on the action whole families came, many of the kids were even given their own gifts. 5-year-old Matthew took part in the action twice. He specifically came to the Mall to give away some of their toys. A few days Santa Claus had sent him a letter in which he thanked for its generosity and good deeds. The boy begged his parents to take him to “Caravan” and left “other children” of new Goodies, including those bought for yourself candy.

11-year-old girl to please the orphanages and buy them good gifts broke his piggy Bank.

“Get out of a piggy Bank 200 hryvnia, but when I started to choose, exceeded budget up to 320. Then asked us to pay at the cashier, promising the house to return the money,” shared Nastiny parents. Choosing gifts it long and carefully, “as for myself”.

Some participants organized a charity event channel was left for the orphans not only gifts, but also warm wishes on postcards.

“The fulfillment of all desires!”, “Good health!”, “Very good!”, “Great mood!” “Dream big and believe in miracles!”, – written by people unknown to the children.

Employees of the TV channel reported that in 2018 managed to collect a lot more gifts than in the past two years.

“Thank you to everyone who supported the charity initiative of “inter”! Together we gave a little miracle to kids who grow up without parents. Let the holidays will be real for all!”, – thanked the protesters for “inter”.

Pious tradition to delight the neighbors with gifts, good deeds and attention, not only to make a holiday real, but to remind people of Heaven. “The joy of receiving a gift is like a reminder of the eternal joy that we will have in the Kingdom of heaven,” said this about the Archbishop of Vinnitsa and Barsky Barsanuphius.

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