The TV channel “Spas” has launched a special project to support the restoration of Russian churches


“Bringing life to the Church” is a new category for the news program “New day” on TV channel “Spas”. A series of reports on how to restore the destroyed shrines across Russia. Each story tells about the fate of the separate Church, and how donations.

The Orthodox churches today more than ever, require attention. Frightening statistics – in 1914 the Russian Empire was 54 174 of the Church, and by 1987 there were only 6 893. During the hard times many shrines were destroyed, desecrated and used for a variety of needs. A special project of the TV channel “Spas” is called to draw attention to the problem is to unite caring Orthodox faithful and to help bring back life ruined temples.

First geocache project – Christmas village Bogorodsky district, Kirov region, here is Christ Church. More recently the building was used to repair heavy equipment — right at the altar were welding, and even earlier there was the granary of the farm Aurora. Two years ago, with the blessing of Bishop Leonid, Bishop Urzhum and Omutninsk, the restoration of the temple, created a Fund to collect cash. By local residents and pilgrims from different regions of Russia with the Church removed debris, removed broken equipment. Last fall on the dome of the Church there was a gilded cross.

All who wish to contribute to the restoration of the temple, there are several ways. To donate any amount of money to the following account:

Account 40703810927000000259,
To/account 30101810500000000609,
BIC 043304609,
INN 4345465163,
KPP 434501001,
Bin 1174300000270 Sberbank of Russia (OAO).

Also you can donate via Sberbank Online Transfers — Other payments — INN 4345465163

Topic “Bringing life to the temple” will be published weekly in the news program “New day” on TV channel “Spas”.

Contacts with PR-service of the TV channel “SPAS”: Tatiana Leonenko, 8 (965) 218 78 88, e-mail: [email protected]

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