The TV channel “Spas” is preparing a special project for the Day of Baptism of Rus


July 28, in a live TV channel “Spas” will be a special telethon dedicated to 1030 anniversary of the Baptism of Rus. From 11 to 15 hours waiting for the audience live reports from the main venues of the festival: for the first time under the open sky on the Kremlin’s Cathedral square will be a divine Liturgy and then we will have a procession which will end at the monument to Prince Vladimir.

In the Studio of the channel will meet special guests — priests, historians, philologists, public figures who will discuss not only the Baptism of Rus ‘ as a historical event, but will also talk about how the Orthodox faith are missionaries in other countries and on other continents. Among the guests were the rector of the Church of the Holy equal to the apostles great Prince Vladimir in Sochi, Archpriest Alexei Batangas, directed by Vladimir Khotinenko, historian and philologist Aleksei Nazarenko, and others.

Telethon on channel “Spas” has become widely used format of lighting of the major religious holidays and state anniversaries. So, in the night from 16 to 17 July for nine hours, the TV channel lasted a marathon of “Royal days”, dedicated to the centenary of the martyrdom of the Holy Royal martyrs. Together with the Patriarch and thousands of pilgrims, the “Saviour” was held in the Royal cross-the-go more than 20 kilometers from the place of execution to the place of burial of the Royal family. Among other special hours of esters — “Immortal regiment” — a project dedicated to the Victory Day and Easter marathon dedicated to the most important Christian holiday.

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