The TV channel “Spas” will show a documentary about the history of the Crimea


From 24 to 26 July on the TV channel “Spas” will be the screening of a television documentary Elena Chavchavadze “the Romanovs. The fate of the Russian Crimea”, reports the Synodal Department for Church relations with society and the media. This is a project about the history of the Crimea Peninsula after its voluntary accession to Russia during the reign of Catherine the great. The film premiered in may 2016.

The Film “The Romanovs. The fate of the Russian Crimea” consists of three parts. In the first series tells the story of the ancient Tauris, baptism in Chersonesus Prince Vladimir and his warriors, the death on the Peninsula the remnants of the Orthodox Byzantine Empire under the onslaught of the dynasty of the Giray khans, about old raids of Crimean Tatars to Russia that resulted in the destroyed towns and villages and the capture of nearly eight million Slavs.

The second series tells the story of the development of the Crimea in the XIX century during the reign of Alexander the First, Nicholas the First, Alexander the Second and Alexander Third. This period of development of the Peninsula was memorable for the construction of roads, cultivation of vineyards, the emergence of the first museums, the basis of the Nikitsky Botanical garden, the construction of churches and monasteries, as well as the construction of the first Crimean palaces that transformed the Crimea Peninsula resort. A special place in the second part of the film is given the subject of the Crimean war.

The third series will tell about the period of greatest prosperity of the Crimea in the reign of Nicholas II. The film presents the little-known and studied newsreel of the Royal family stay in the Crimea.

Script author and head of project Elena Chavchavadze, Director — Elena Ogurnaya. Film experts were employed from Simferopol, Sevastopol, Yalta, Evpatoria and other cities.

The film will be screened on TV channel “Spas” from 24 July to 26 July in the evening (23:15) repeat in the morning (11:00).

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