The TV channel “Spas” will show a film of Metropolitan Hilarion “assumption”


27 August 2018 on TV channel “Spas” will be showing the movie “the assumption”. Author and presenter – Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev). The screening will start at 23:15, repeat – August 28 at 02:15 and 16:40.

The film “assumption” is the TV documentary series “Holidays”, dedicated to the major events of the annual circle of the Christian calendar. This educational outreach project produced by the Studio “neophyte” by order of the Charity Foundation named after Saint Gregory the theologian.

The Dormition of the Theotokos the last great feast of the Church year, which concludes and two-week Dormition fast, and the whole liturgical circle of the Orthodox Church, the opening feast of the Nativity of the blessed virgin.

At Orthodox frescoes and icons of the Dormition of the mother of God is depicted on his deathbed surrounded by the apostles and angels. If the most famous images of the virgin Mary holding the Infant Christ in his arms, then on the icon of the Lord as the baby takes the soul of his mother.

Death is a transition to a new life. And beyond the threshold of death, the Christian soul meets Christ. That is the message which bears the image of the assumption.

In the film about the Assumption it will be possible to see the night procession with the rite of burial shroud of the Mother of God in Gethsemane, “sea” celebration on the Greek island of Tinos and the medieval mystery play, which is placed in the Spanish city of Elche for almost seven centuries.

The audience will hear the story of the Assumption churches and monasteries of the Ancient Rus, and also learn what distinguishes the Orthodox from the Catholic feast of the assumption the feast of the Taking of the virgin Mary into heaven.

The film is available for online viewing.

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