The TV channel “Spas” will show a special project of Arkady Mamontov about the collapse of the Russian Empire

28 December at 20:00 on air of TV channel “Spas” will be a special project by Arkady Mamontov – “under the hammer of the Crown”.

During the three-hour telethon viewers will enjoy an exclusive film-an investigation into the collapse of the Russian Empire, as well as discussion with the invited experts, historians, representatives of the Orthodox Church, political scientists, prominent public figures.

Who was behind the murder of the Romanov family? Who was the sponsor of the February and October revolutions? What part in the collapse of the Russian Empire adopted the American bankers? The program will demonstrate the unique documents from foreign archives, and is also the first European and American historians will present in-depth analysis of events in Russia in the first quarter of the twentieth century.

To watch the telethon “Crown under the hammer” on the website of the TV channel

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