The UGCC condemned the pogroms of Roma camps – Your Bible

The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church condemned the pogroms of Roma camps, which took place in Kyiv, Ternopil and Lviv in the last few months, reports of Lely shore.

“This type of action, whoever they were committed and whatever slogans these criminals are themselves not covered, unworthy of a European nation, discrediting independent Ukrainian state, and therefore are a business which benefits the enemies of Ukraine. Every citizen of our country, regardless of their national, ethnic, religious affiliation, needs to feel worthy and full-fledged citizen of the state, and the state government needs to protect his rights and freedoms, especially the right to life, health, and free development”, – reads the statement of the UGCC Patriarch Sviatoslav.

Sviatoslav urged the state authorities to transparently and impartially conduct investigations and to set the names of the criminals who were responsible for the pogrom of the Roma encampments.

“We call on Ukrainian citizens strongly oppose this type of behavior, which has nothing to do with the Christian or with universal rules and norms,” – said in a statement.

We will remind, in the evening on 23 June in Lviv during the attack on the Roma camp killed one man and wounded four others. The attack is the informal neo-Nazi organization “Sober and angry youth.”

In April-June, there was still at least three attacks on Roma temporary settlements, for which there were right-wing radicals “C14” and “National teams”.

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