The Ukrainian Orthodox Church will not participate in the unification Council


The Ukrainian Orthodox Church will not participate in the unification Council, which is to create a single Orthodox Church in Ukraine. In an interview with the Greek edition of Orthodoxy.the info said the Chairman of Information Department of the UOC Archbishop of Nizhyn and Pryluky Clement, informs a portal “Orthodox life”.

“It is absolutely impossible. “Fathers” of this so-called Cathedral, expected to be dissenters, people who called themselves priests and bishops. It is noteworthy that even the Patriarch Bartholomew, though, and announced withdrawal from the Filaret Church’s prohibition, but still would not connect with him, around the Eucharistic Cup,” said Archbishop Clement.

As stressed by the Bishop, the canonical Church of Ukraine can not join with Filaret, who for nearly 30 years pursued with the support of the politicians who slandered her bishops, blessed grips of churches and the beating of believers.

Archbishop Clement also noticed that after the uncanonical interference of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in the Affairs of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-no explanation from officials from Istanbul were reported.

“All that is known about the plans Fanara is a small text of the communiqué, which was written so that nobody understood the essence of the decisions of the Synod, the sentence fragments of the Patriarch from Sunday’s sermon and a few interviews of some of the bishops, not with the Patriarchate of Constantinople key positions,” – said the Hierarch.

As for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, “in all its dioceses sounds the willingness of priests and laity not to succumb to provocations and to live as they lived centuries before this,” said the Archbishop Clement.

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