The Israelis are wondering not saved if President Obama any more surprises for a Jewish state. This after his administration had not vetoed the UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements. This step can have serious consequences for Israel in the coming years.

For several thousand years Jews pray at the wailing Wall in Jerusalem. It is a part of the external wall of the Second Temple of the Jews, the former in the time of Jesus. Now, according to the UN Security Council, it is in the occupied Palestinian territory.
“This resolution will go down in history as yet another shameful resolution, but it will be thrown into the dustbin of history,” says the education Minister of Israel Naftali Bennett.

Just before Christmas, the US abstained from voting for the resolution of the UN Security Council No. 2334 condemning Israeli settlements in biblical Judea and Samaria, also known as the West Bank. Thus, the United States abandoned its longstanding policy of imposing a veto on anti-Israel resolutions.

“Unfortunately, we saw how those who called our friends of the present administration — in fact, betrayed us in such a cruel manner,” says Naftali Bennett.

In a very long speech, Secretary Kerry argued that the condemnation of the settlements is the best way of promoting Israeli-Palestinian peace. But the Minister of education of Israel Bennett called the resolution “self-harm” all over the world.

“She played into the hands of thousands of terrorists around the world who want to destroy Israel, he says. They all saw that the UN passed a crazy anti-Israeli resolution that recognized Jerusalem is actually occupied territory”.

Palestinians, however, were satisfied with the decision of the UN. They hope that the resolution will force Israel to give them land without giving anything in return.

“Now we know that it was a pre-planned anti-Israel step of the Obama administration and the Palestinians,” continues Naftali Bennett.

Israel says the elected President of the Trump he will present his evidence that in the drafting of the resolution was attended by the Obama administration. As reported by the Institute for the study of media in the Middle East, the Egyptian newspaper “al-yum al-Saba” published the Protocol of a secret meeting between Kerry and Advisor to the President for national security Susan rice and Secretary-General of the Palestine liberation Organization (PLO) Saeb Arikata. “As follows from the minutes of the meeting, the parties agreed to cooperate on the resolution on settlements. The U.S. side focused on the coordination of positions between Washington and Ramallah on the resolution on settlements that was put to a vote in the Security Council and accepted.”

It is not clear what can be done to eliminate the consequences of the resolution, but many are concerned that at the forthcoming Paris peace conference would cause another international blow to the Jewish state.

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