The UOC Archimandrite told how to protect the temple from the provocations of the authorities

Archimandrite Alypy (Svetlichny)

The authorities are unable to create parallel communities, it is necessary to conduct roll-call registration every parishioner, suggested a cleric of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

To protect from provocations of the authorities it is now necessary to hold the parish meeting and to register the passport details of each parishioner, wrote in Facebook of the UOC Archimandrite Alypy (Svetlichny).

Thus it will be possible to prevent the creation of the temples of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church parallel communities with pleasing politicians people, I’m sure the cleric of the UOC.

According to him, the passport data of the congregation need to make a service sheet, bonding the personal signatures of the believers of each record to approve the Protocol of the emergency meeting and certify the lists of the ruling bishops, and, if possible, in the local authorities.

“Then you have a real parish. All other not members, and with the zakhozhaev, and to solving problems will not have anything to do. Any court will be on your side,” concluded Archimandrite Alypy.

Earlier, the head of the Legal Department of the UOC Archpriest Oleksandr bakhov suggested that the authorities insist on the renaming of the Church in the “Russian Church in Ukraine”, for the revision of leases Laurel.

“If the law comes in the process of reorganization, a name change, it will be a question about renewal of contracts with the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the Pochayiv Lavra”, – explained then the lawyer.

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